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Vocational Business Courses in Australia under P250,000

Want to obtain a world-class business qualification? Australia is home to some of the world's best universities for business.

Check out this list of Australia’s wide-range of options for vocational business courses in the country. With this list, you might just find the perfect school for you.

1. Diploma of Human Resources Management - Queensland Academy of Technology

Estimated course fee: P129, 341

Duration: 6 months

Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

This qualification prepares students to work in a variety of roles within the human resources sector by giving them a sound theoretical knowledge of human resources management and a range of managerial skills to ensure that human resources functions are carried out effectively within their organization.

2. Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication - Academies Australasia Polytechnic Pty Limited

Estimated course fee: P132, 657

Duration: 6 months

Location: Melbourne

In today’s business, marketing plays a vital role in understanding consumers and markets to enable companies to make more profitable and more effective decisions. In every sector of the economy, public, private or not for profit, marketing is critical to the success of every business. Managing the marketing process requires certain knowledge of both the marketplace and the implications of the marketing mix. The courses will enable you to achieve your ambitions easily and provide access to positions in the various sectors of the industry such as Advertising, Direct Marketing, Promotion Marketing and Marketing Research.

3. Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication - Academies Australasia

Estimated course fee: P132, 657

Duration: 6 months

Location: Melbourne

Studying for a marketing qualification at Academies Australasia is a chance to learn from industry experts about the marketing sector. Training is delivered in stages which correspond to AQF Levels IV-VI. Qualified marketing experts who are in-the-know will be invaluable assets of the future. Secure the skills and expertise to prepare for the challenges of the new marketing frontier.

4. Diploma of Business - Stott's College

Estimated course fee: P132, 657

Duration: 6 months

Location: Melbourne, Perth

The Diploma of Business at Stott’s provides you with the opportunity to expand upon your existing theoretical business skills and knowledge even with little or no vocational experience. It will allow you to create further educational and employment opportunities in the field of commerce and excel at various jobs including Executive Officer, Program Consultant and Program Coordinator.

5. Certificate in Marketing and Communication – Greenwich College

Estimated course fee: P165, 822

Duration: 40 weeks

Location: Sydney & Melbourne 

Learn the required skills needed to succeed in the marketing communication industry and build strong technical skills to reach your career goals quickly. Individuals in these roles apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

6. Certificate IV in Business Administration- Queensland Academy of Technology

Estimated course fee: P165, 822

Duration: 25 Weeks

Location: Brisbane

This course is the starting point for your career in the world of business. This program gives you the essential knowledge and skills for the day to day tasks required of entry level employees in the business sector. You will learn the basics of Microsoft office, customer service and workplace health and safety, as well the communication and organizational skills needed to work effectively in your current or future role.

7. Diploma of Leadership and Management - Sydney Business and Travel Academy

Estimated course fee: P202, 302

Duration: 1 year(s)

Location: Sydney 

Build on your current management skills to lead your team more effectively across a range of industries. You will learn to display initiative and judgment in planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring your own workload and the workload of others. If you complete this qualification you could gain roles such as: office manager, business manager, operations manager, production manager.

8. Certificate IV in Business – TAFE Western Australia

Estimated course fee: P206, 945

Duration: 1 semester

Location: Northbridge 

This course will help you develop skills in business technologies, managing customer needs and feedback, developing and promoting products and services, work health and safety policies and working as part of a team.  By the end of this course, you will have the ability to write complex documents, provide solutions to business problems and analyze and evaluate information from a variety of business sectors.  

9. Diploma of Business Administration - Holmesglen

Estimated course fee: P212,252 

Duration:  6 months

Location: Chad stone

The Diploma of Business Administration provides managerial level training for clerical and administration staff. This course will help you develop your ability to respond to emerging business opportunities within a clerical and administrative area. You will gain knowledge and skills in key administrative processes and procedures, as well as skills in team and people management.

10. Advanced Diploma of Business - Canberra Institute of Technology

Estimated course fee: P227, 176

Duration: 2 years

Location: Sydney 

This business courses will equip you with the skills needed for many exciting business environments such as the fields of management, finance, marketing and human resources. The popular Advanced Diploma qualification will unleash your leadership potential and unlock the skills that you need to achieve superior business outcomes in the areas of managing change, contributing to marketing plans and managing finances.

If you are interested in studying  or learning more about any of these courses, we can help you. Just fill out the form on this page to book an appointment with an IDP Education Counselor and we'll assist you from school and visa application until pre-departure activities.

Written by: Remle Cadelina

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