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Postgraduate health and medicine courses in Canada under PHP500,000

A Canadian postgraduate degree is not as expensive as one might think.

Canada is a popular destination for international students for its top quality schools and affordable tuition costs. In fact, the cost of living and tuition fees in Canada are significantly more affordable than those in most other first-world countries. Aside from that, international students in Canada can have part-time jobs as they do not need to apply for a separate visa to work off-campus, and are eligible to work as soon as their program of study begins.

If you are a healthcare professional and want to obtain a postgraduate degree from a Canadian institution, here are some courses you can take for under PHP500,000.

1. Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, University of Alberta

Tuition cost: PHP404,065

IELTS overall score required: 6.5

This master's program prepares students for a career in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists (OTs) help people get back to meaningful everyday activities. They work with people of all ages who have experienced an illness affecting physical or mental health, an injury, or a disability. The University of Alberta MSc OT program is designed to address practice and theoretical issues within a broad range of settings. It is a year-round, full-time program and can be completed within 26 months of study in either Edmonton or Calgary.

2. Graduate Certificate in Victimology, Algonquin College

Tuition cost: PHP447,704

IELTS overall score required: 6.5

This one-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate program provides professionals with specialized knowledge and skills in victimology and in the provision of victim services.Students develop an understanding of victims rights, sudden and traumatic loss, victim populations and crime and its effects on victims in the criminal justice system. History and theories of victimization are explored, with an applied victim-centred focus. A practicum experience in victim services provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with victim service agencies in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of victim services and advocacy. Specific course emphasis is given to issues, such as childhood physical and sexual abuse, intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

3. Master of Science in Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina

Tuition cost: PHP451,132

IELTS overall score required: 6.5

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies offers graduate work leading to a Master of Science in Kinesiology and Health Studies degree. The program offers students the opportunity to critically examine issues within the areas of health, exercise sciences, social science of physical activity and recreation, adapted physical activity, sport management and recreation and leisure studies.

4. Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration, Canadore College

Tuition cost: PHP459,571

IELTS overall score required: 5.5

The Health Care Administration program prepares graduates for emerging leadership roles within a variety of health care settings. Students will be able to integrate patient and family care theories into current practices which are responsive for a variety of cultures, behaviours, situations and environments.

5. Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness, Conestoga College

Tuition cost: PHP485,120

IELTS overall score required: 6.5

The Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness (OHSW) graduate program provides a focused body of knowledge and skills for individuals interested in developing and building their knowledge and skills in occupational health, safety and wellness. In today's work environment, a balance of work and personal wellness is critical from both the personal and organizational perspective. The workplace is a priority target setting for health promotion initiatives as set out by the World Health Organization, with the end goals of protecting and promoting both individual and organizational well-being. Therefore, employers are required to manage occupational health, safety and wellness from a legal perspective, and have moral and ethical imperatives to do so. Additionally, there is an economic advantage to employers who seek to maximize productivity and engagement in the workplace since healthy workers are more productive, more engaged, and have lower absenteeism and presenteeism rates.

6. Graduate Certificate in Leadership for Healthcare Professionals, Confederation College

Tuition cost: PHP499,674

IELTS overall score required: 6.5

This one-year, graduate certificate program will develop students’ administration, management, and leadership skills to assist healthcare professionals from various disciplines to meet the opportunities and challenges facing the healthcare sector today. The development of skills in management, leadership, human resources, finance, strategic thinking, and project management are key elements of this program as is competency development in areas such as engaging others, achieving results, developing teams, and system transformation.


*Program fees are indicative only. Speak to an IDP counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

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