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Computer-delivered IELTS: The Best Free Tool To Help You Score High

If you are considering the computer-delivered IELTS test vs the paper-based format, one fantastic way to get fully prepared is through IDP's Computer-delivered IELTS Practice Test.

Get Familiar with Computer-delivered IELTS 

By going through the Practice Test, you get to experience what the computer-delivered IELTS is like on your very own computer.

Best of all, you can do it as many times as you want to prevent any surprises on test day itself!

The tests are split up into three sections (identical to the written test format):


The Listening practice test will consist of 6 question types as well as 24 questions. These are a variety of multiple-choice, matching, note completion as well as short answer questions.

Pro-Tip: Focus on understanding the passage being read and how the questions are presented and formulate a strategy to tackle each of them.


The Reading practice test consists of 11 question types with 41 questions that include multiple-choice, identifying information, sentence completion, summary completion and flow-chart competition.

Pro-Tip: Be familiar with the different mix of question types and time yourself well to ensure you read at a good pace while understanding the passage.


The Writing test will consist of two tasks - writing 150 words in about 20 minutes for the first and writing 250 words in about 40 minutes for the second task.

Pro-Tip: Take the time to fully understand the information presented (it could be in graphs) and outline your answers before filling it in to ensure you are structured and cover the necessary points.

With full answer keys available, you get to mark and check your work to see where your weak spots are and areas to improve.

The key here is to get familiar with the IELTS question types as well as being familiar with navigating the screens so that there won’t be any confusion on the test day itself!

How many times should you take the familiarization test? At least twice to nail down the format and get a sense of what to expect.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

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