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Best Social Science Courses to Study Abroad

Universities abroad offer a broad selection of courses — there’s a program  for everyone. If you happen to be interested in furthering your studies in the field of social sciences, here are some courses that we think might interest you.

1. Master of Social Work (Graduate Entry)

By the end of this 2-year course in Australia, you will walk away with a masters-degree qualification. You will also be well-versed in the field of social work, helping individuals, families, and institutions, and so much more.

2. MSc Human Resource Development (International Development)

If you’re into interacting with and helping other people actively, this course is for you! Offered at the University of Manchester, this course will teach you to understand the role of human resources in advancement both in organizations and in society. It will sharpen skills like understanding developmental processes, along with skills vaster like global relations.

3. Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis

Offered at school in Canada,  this course offers a masters-degree qualification along with a unique opportunity to learn how to support students with unique behavioral needs. This course will include rigorous scientific methods, which could interest students who aim for a more holistic learning experience.

4. Master of Social Science – International Relations

If you’re more interested in public service and tackling societal issues, this course offered at a school in Canada  may be for you. You will learn to hone your critical and creative thinking to solve practical problems. By the end of this course, you will be more than capable of surveying a community’s needs—and coming up with creative and practical ways to meet them.

5. Master of Digital Humanities

If you’re into both the social sciences and using technology, this course offered by Lancaster University in the UK should be considered for your further studies. This course will teach you how to combine your interest and knowledge in the social sciences and take it further by advancing it with information technology.

If any of these courses interest you or if you are thinking about studying abroad, we’re here to help! Feel free to fill out the form below to get in touch with an IDP Education Counselor for free.

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Written by: Raphael Antonio Mendoza

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