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Can Filipinos Study in Canada During the Pandemic?

If you’re an aspiring international student, you might be contemplating your study abroad plans due to the travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic. If you’re still looking to move forward with your dream to study in Canada, the good news is you can do so now. The Canadian government established some guidelines to facilitate a safe transition for international students. Simply comply with the procedures, and you’re all set.

How to study in Canada amidst a pandemic

Step 1. Check the Canadian government’s website to see which institutions have an approved coronavirus-readiness plan. The government has cleared these institutions to accept international students.

Step 2. Apply to your chosen school by fulfilling the requirements. Refer to our step-by-step guide for comprehensive information. To ease your worries, note that government-approved schools will provide support resources and orientation information to international students.

Step 3. Apply for a study permit and travel authorization. Indicate that the travel is for a non-optional, non-discretionary reason. Family members may accompany you, but they need to apply for the correct travel authorization.

Step 4. Prepare a quarantine plan. Determine your accommodation and ensure access to necessities such as food and medicine. Make sure these comply with physical distancing guidelines.

Step 5. Pre-arrival: Make sure you or any accompanying family member are not exhibiting symptoms. Note that you may not be allowed to board the flight should this happen. If symptoms manifest after arrival in Canada, the student may be sent to the hospital for medical examination or prohibited from entering the country.

Step 6. Upon arrival: The student and accompanying family members, if applicable, must quarantine for 14 days. The process should be smoother due to the prepared quarantine plan.

Need assistance with applying to study in Canada? Fill out the form on this page to book a free appointment with an IDP Education Counselor and get started.

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Written by: Aira Lynn Cunanan

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