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Common misconceptions about taking the IELTS Test

The IELTS test is an English-language proficiency test that serves as one’s proof of their English-fluency. However, fallacies in taking the actual test have also developed as the testing system grew larger. Some of these misconceptions are as follows:

Only smart people take the test.

It has been a subjective way of thinking that only people who were able to get degrees and certificates in colleges or universities are allowed to take the IELTS test. There are a number of candidates who have not finished even middle school who have taken the test and have succeeded. One of the keys to remember before taking the test is to have the confidence and to keep in mind that professional and academic background are not actual criteria in comprehending and using the English language.

Those that speak the language fluently, or are good in English, are the only ones who pass.

Again, this statement is subjective. Although it has little truth in it, it does not necessarily mean that those who are fluent actually pass the test. There are also cases wherein those who are confident in speaking the language do not do well in the Writing part of the test; and those who do well in Writing may not necessarily have the same result as in their Listening part of the test. People have different paces in coping with the language, and have different fortes in using the language.

The IELTS is easier in one country or company than the other.

The IELTS is legitimately standardised, which means that it is the same anywhere in the world that administers the actual test. No matter which company you choose to take the test in, the contents, flow and procedures are alike; and the examiners all share a uniform criterion in scoring the said exam.

Misconceptions are hard to ignore especially if a person is going to take the test for the first time and has heard of stories from people who have previous negative experiences with taking the IELTS. One sure way to clear these misunderstandings is to take the test, and find out yourself! Good luck!

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