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Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Other Cool Alternatives to Medicine in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations to study abroad - in fact, in 2018 alone, the country had more than 900,000 international students studying there!

Boasting an inclusive, multicultural community, a bustling metropolis that is modern and business-oriented, many students head ‘Down Under’ to pursue courses such as business, finance and engineering.

But Australia is so much more than that. Course-wise, there’s a huge range to choose from and there are some which you might not have heard of. 


Begin Your Career In Rehabilitation Medicine In Australia

We have all heard of doctors and dentists, but did you know there is another similar field that centers on helping and enhancing the quality of life, of people with physical impairments or disabilities.

Forming an important bedrock of medicine and physical therapy, here are three cool rehabilitation courses to consider.

Chiropractic Medicine: Alternative medicine revolving around the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of our musculoskeletal system such as our spine.

Physiotherapy: Medical field that revolves around restoring and maintaining a patient’s mobility function and well-being (such as treating sports injuries).

Osteopathy: Alternative medicine that revolves around the physical manipulation of muscle tissues, joints, bones and spine.

From a growing demand globally, graduates of these three courses will enjoy an exciting and fulfilling career not only helping patients live their best but also treat sporting injuries from world-class athletes too!


Discover These Opportunities Through IDP’s Course Finder

While you can manually search through each and every Australian University to see if those courses exist - why not save time (and your sanity) by using IDP’s course finder! 

All you need to do is to input three things and our course finder will automatically filter down for you all relevant courses.

Just input:

- Your course subjects

- Your study level (undergraduate, postgraduate etc…)

- Your desired country (Australia in this case)

And our system will do the hard lifting for you!


Pursue A Bachelor Of Physiotherapy With Our Course Finder Today!

With our course finder, it is easy to find undergraduate opportunities for studying physiotherapy - one such university offering it is James Cook University.

We provide you with critical information at a glance such as the next course start date and the total course fee, allowing you quick comparison against the other universities.


Diving deep into the course details, you can also expect to gain more insight into key information such as:

- The course work (e.g. anatomy, physiology, human movement analysis etc…)

- IELTS English language score required (7.0 in this case)

- The availability of scholarships and internships

- Course world rankings & reviews (201st/760)


In addition, you can also find core information about the University (James Cook University) such as:

- The overall University rankings

- The selling point of the University

- Teaching quality & study options

- Entry requirements

- Campus culture & facilities

Want to find the full updated list of Universities in Australia that offer Physiotherapy, Chiropractic medicine or Osteopathy courses? Just click on our links below:

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Kick-start your Adventure Today

Whether you are looking to be a physiotherapist or chiropractor, pursuing these fields in Australia is rewarding to both your future career and study experience.

Whether it is the application process or settling accommodations, our education counsellors will be happy to guide you along every step of the way.


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