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5 Exciting Postgraduate Courses in the UK and Ireland to Boost Your Career

Did you know that pursuing a postgraduate degree doesn’t just improve your employability, but it also helps you gain a more profound understanding of your chosen profession? Obtaining a postgraduate degree will also boost your career through further specialization and lead you to greater opportunities ahead, perhaps even a doctorate down the line. And what better place to kick start your new journey than in the United Kingdom!

The United Kingdom is home to England and Ireland. England is best known for its rich history as well as being a hub for evolving contemporary culture. Meanwhile, Ireland is covered in beautiful natural landscapes which is accompanied by its friendly and welcoming community and lively social and music scene.

On top of all these, the United Kingdom also provides world class education, offering an abundance of interesting courses that are perfect for your goals and can’t be found anywhere else! What more could you ask for?

To give you a glimpse of what the UK has to offer, check out some of these exciting postgraduate courses they have in store for you:

1. Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence

The future of tech is here and artificial intelligence is standing at its forefront. From machine learning to data visualization, and even to ethics and governance, the MSc in Artificial Intelligence allows you to explore different aspects of modern science, technology and engineering while delving deeper into the understanding of the human mind and creating viable applications in other industries. This course intends to develop your research and problem solving abilities by exposing you to the university’s world renowned research culture, particularly in intelligent data analysis.

2. Masters of Science in Renewable Energy and Environmental Finance

If you are still unsure of which particular career to pursue but have a passion for sustainability and innovation, then the MSc in Renewable Energy and Environmental Finance is the one for you! This program will provide you with rich knowledge and background on finance, governance, environmental and social development as it highlights the importance of integrating proper financing with green data sciences in order to better tackle global and regional development goals. It also aims to develop your leadership and interpersonal skills to ensure that you will have the concrete understanding necessary to restore the world around you. Given the flexibility and expanse of this course, the job opportunities available are just as wide as it’s currently one of the most in demand careers around the world.

3. Masters of Science in Coastal and Marine Resource Management

If your heart is in the ocean, then you should check out the MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management. The conservation of the planet’s waters and marine life is at the core of this program and guarantees you the comprehensive knowledge and skillset to take on this challenge of preserving it. It combines environmental science, aquatic biology, marine spatial planning and other unique fields with professional fieldwork and research to further immerse you in the seas and potentially lead you to a path toward long term marine sustainability.

4. Masters of Arts in Peace and Development Studies (MA)

Humans are prone to disagreements with each other and depending on the scales of such, can be detrimental to others as well. With this, what better way to handle these disputes by taking the MA in Peace and Development Studies! This program brings together the differences of each individual and engages them in discussions on theories of economic and political development while connecting it to contemporary methods of conflict resolution and peacebuilding, as well as comparative analysis in both local and international levels.

5. Master in Interaction and Experience Design (MA/MSc)

Who said science and art are on opposite sides of the spectrum? With the MA/MSc in Interaction and Experience Design, technology and design are blended together to push the boundaries of effective human centered design. The possibilities are endless as you get to explore visual coding, digital multimedia, interactive installations and more through the program’s many hands-on activities and research opportunities. And at the end of the course, you will be able to present your work at the university’s Digital Art Week Now exhibition! 

Want to take that next step and pursue your postgrad degree in the UK? Check out our UK and Ireland Virtual Fair on February 13! Sign up now for free!

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Written by: Shanee Dylim

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