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Pinoy Student Tops His Class in Canada

Vancouver, Canada –  A Filipino international student was given Langara College’s Award for Academic Success in a Post Degree Diploma last December 4, 2019 during the school’s Celebration of Excellence Night.

Raymond Torres received the award after getting the highest grade point average (GPA) in his class. Raymond’s GPA was 4.33 – meaning he got A+ in all of his subjects.

“Unlike most students whose main priority was to work, I didn’t get a part-time job to focus on my academics. I prioritized my studies after learning about International Student scholarship programs. I took advantage of the academic support and resources that are available in school which helped me achieve the award,” Raymond revealed. 

Prior to studying in Canada, Raymond had a thriving career in the Philippines. He graduated with a BS Management degree, worked as a business development associate, put up and managed a food business, and became a licensed real estate broker. He then planned to study abroad to advance his knowledge in his chosen field.

Raymond processed his application to study in Canada through IDP. “Aside from taking the IELTS with IDP, they have provided guidance and important information about school options, requirements, and the application process.”

Filipino student tops his class in Canada

So, why Canada?

“In choosing my destination, I’ve considered immigration opportunities as well. I chose Canada not just because of the quality education but the quality of life in general. My plan after finishing my Post Degree program is to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit to get Canadian work experience and eventually apply for Permanent Residency.”

Aside from academics, Raymond also pays attention to extra-curricular activities in the campus. In fact, Raymond is currently the Partnership Director of the Langara Project Management Club and an associate of Digital Media Marketing Club.

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