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10 Highest-Paying Jobs In The UK That Require A Master's Degree

Are you one of the many international students pursuing a post-grad degree in the UK?

While an overseas education in many countries can offer a range of great benefits, the UK is particularly appealing, thanks to its world-class Universities, incredible economy, and hiring opportunities.

Now that the UK has announced the arrival of a 2-year post-graduate work visa, there are even more opportunities for students to build a life in this amazing country. With the high cost of living in the UK, targeting high paying master’s degree level jobs is not only a prudent option but a smart one that allows for rapid career acceleration.

Read on for insights into the kind of high paid graduate jobs the UK has to offer.

The Top High Paid Graduate Jobs in the UK

The UK rewards it’s most passionate academics.

If you’re willing to go beyond your bachelor’s degree and specialize in a field with a master’s degree, then you can benefit from a seriously lucrative career.

For instance, here’s what some of the high paying jobs in the UK have to offer:

1. Investment Banking (MBA)

Get an MBA or business master’s degree in the UK, and you could set yourself up for a career that earns between 50 and 80k every year! Investment banking is all about numbers and client relationships.

An economics background and a strong focus on mathematics will help you to get a foothold in the industry.

2. Petroleum Engineer (Masters in Petroleum Engineering)

Interested in keeping the UK running smoothly? Consider a career as a petroleum engineer. This unique role focuses on working with hydrocarbons like crude oil and natural gas.

A good understanding of the environment and science is crucial for this job. In the role of a petroleum engineer, you can earn as much as £53k per year!

3. Business Management Consultant (MBA)

Another career that demands an MBA is the role of Business Management Consultant. Essentially, consultants provide advice and guidance to companies on how they can grow and thrive.

In this role, you’ll get to know your clients and provide them with actionable tips on how they can achieve their goals. Consultants can earn around £36k a year on average, depending on the kinds of businesses that they choose to work with.

4. Architect (Masters in Architectural Design)

If you’re a creative person with dreams of building a brighter world for tomorrow, then a master’s in architectural design could give you access to one of the high paying jobs in the UK. Architects earn an average of around £41k a year, although it often depends on where you’re designing. An architect in London might earn more than one from the north of England.

5. Financial Analysts (Masters in Finance)

Money makes the world go around. If you want to earn one of the high paid graduate jobs in the UK, then it pays to know how cash flow and money management works.

Financial analysts can earn a fortune assessing how other companies use and save money. As a financial analyst, you can help businesses to improve their cash flow and achieve better budgetary strategies. The average earnings sit at around £41k per year.

6. Statistician (Masters in Economics)

If you have a mind for numbers and an eye for trends, you could earn up to £41k every year in the UK as a statistician. In this role, you’ll be responsible for evaluating data and helping to solve problems in the government, academic, and industrial world. 

You’ll need a good background in math and economics to thrive in this role.

7. Computer Scientist (Masters in Computer Science)

The UK, like many countries around the world, is moving through a period of digital transformation. It’s no surprise then, that computer scientists have some of the best high paying jobs in the UK. 

You can earn around £42k a year writing software to transform computer options, designing applications, and developing new technology.

8. Actuary (Masters of Science in Accounting and Finance)

An actuary is more than just a standard accountant. If you’re great at finance, and you know your way around numbers, you could earn a living in the UK analysing the financial consequences of certain risks in a business environment.

Actuaries earn an average of £43k a year assessing how certain strategies will pay off for specific groups.

9. Civil Engineer (Masters in Civil Engineering)

The demand for civil engineers in the UK is so significant that there are plenty of master’s degrees that focus entirely on this profession. Civil engineers are the people who plan and manage construction projects to design the buildings that make up the world that we live in. In this role, you can earn an average of £45k a year.

10. Mechanical Engineer (Masters in Mechanical Engineering)

Finally, you can take an alternative route in your engineering course to focus on “mechanical” engineering. In this role, you’ll be responsible for designing machines for power production, such as electrical generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines and more.

You can earn an average of 40k a year in a mechanical engineering job.

Which High Paid Graduate Job is Right for You?

If you’re willing to put the work in, there are plenty of high paid graduate jobs in the UK that can give you an incredible boost to your career or transition into a more lucrative field in the long term.

IDP can help you to assess your current situation and figure out which postgraduate courses you can take in the UK to boost your chances of success.

Contact IDP today for help with everything from school applications, to finding accommodation abroad.

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