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Computer-delivered IELTS 101: How To Prepare and Score Well

If you are looking to enter your dream course overseas in an English-speaking country like Australia, the UK or Canada, then the IELTS test is something that you will have to take and achieve the required band score.

The computer-delivered IELTS, in particular, brings with it multiple advantages as compared to the traditional paper-based format. Perks include multiple test dates to choose from and being able to receive your results in five to seven days.

Today, we’ll reveal four great ways to help you prepare for the computer-delivered IELTS test that are either free or with minimal costs!

Preparation Tools To Help You Score Better In Computer-Delivered IELTS

1) The IELTS Computer-delivered Familiarisation Test

Comprising three sections, Listening, Reading & Writing, the familiarisation test takes you through the entire computer-delivered IELTS experience - either on your very own computer.

With full answer keys available, the familiarisation test will allow you to pinpoint specific areas in the test that you might be confused with or uncertain about.

With each section being unique and vastly different, it is important to keep practicing!

Ready to get started? You may want to try out the familiarisation test!

2) IELTS Support Tools

Once you are done with the familiarisation test, get additional tips and advice with the IELTS Support Tools booklet that gives you access to valuable insight that include:

- IELTS Speaking & Writing assessment criteria

- IELTS band score guide

- Writing samples with examiner comments

- A guide to what will happen on IELTS test day?

Avail of our free IELTS Support Booklet here to ensure you are even more well-prepared for the test day.

3) IELTS Progress Check

While this is a paid service, it is the only official online practice test that comes with personalized feedback from official IELTS markers as well as giving you indicative band scores.

Do also note that it is not an actual IELTS test and your IELTS Progress Check Report is not an official IELTS Test Report Form.

The IELTS Progress Check might be the closest you can get to actually seeing where you stand without sitting for the actual test itself.

If you have some additional budget to get prepared this is a great avenue to invest in as well as you can:

- Practice all 4 IELTS test sections

- Get accurate results from official markers

- Get better with feedback to adjust your approach and shore-up your weaknesses

To get started and get your progress checked, click here!

Ready to book your test? Register for your Computer-delivered IELTS With IDP Today.

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