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Paper VS Computer IELTS: Why People Are Choosing The Latter

If you plan to study abroad, you’ll realise that the IELTS test is necessary for your university applications. It’s available in both paper-based and computer-delivered format but why is the latter getting popular?

We’ve done the homework and gathered 5 reasons why you should go ahead and book the computer-delivered IELTS test.

1. Enjoy More Test Dates For More Flexibility

Many of us are busy and the last thing we want to worry about is conflicting schedules when trying to book our IELTS tests.

With the new computer-delivered tests, you will have a wider selection of times and dates that you can choose from. This allows you more time to study through the syllabus of the test and get the rest of your university applications in order at your leisure.

2. Get Quicker Results

The waiting time for the paper-based IELTS test is 13 days - so, why wait that long!

When you take the computer-delivered IELTS test, your examination results will be ready in just 5 to 7 days.

3. The Venues Will Be Relatively Less Crowded (Less stress & better for concentration)

Ever felt being stressed out in a crowded examination room? For some, such emotions can affect their level of performance.

While the IELTS is a personal requirement you have to accomplish and there is no ranking of any sort, it is smarter to be in an environment that is as relaxed as possible.

The computer-delivered IELTS, with its wide range of dates, allows you to take the test with full focus without the distraction (or stress) of being in a crowded exam hall with other candidates.

4. Automatic Word Count? Check

In the Writing section, you will need to ensure that you hit a minimum of 150 words in Writing Task 1 and a minimum of 250 words in Writing Task 2. 

When you take the computer-delivered format, the computer you use (which is provided) will automatically show you the word count.

This way, you don’t have to count the words manually.

5. Familiarise yourself and be prepared

Practise makes perfect - and that goes for the computer-delivered IELTS test as well!

With free familiarisation tests available, you can be fully prepared and know what to expect on test day.

Two More Things To Note Before You Sit For The IELTS

1) Be Aware & Check For Any Typo Mistakes

One of the drawbacks of typing quickly is creating typo mistakes that you just forget about or plain miss. Do take the time to carefully proofread your essay once it is done!

2) Type In Your Answers As Soon As Possible

Understand that the computer screen gets locked exactly at the mentioned time. 

Be on the ball and always aim to complete all your tasks on hand and lock in your answers as soon as possible.

Ready to get started? Check out our upcoming test dates and book your test with IDP today!

Computer-delivered IELTS: The Best Free Tool To Help You Score High

If you are considering the computer-delivered IELTS test vs the paper-based format, one fantastic way to get fully prepared is through IDP's Computer-delivered IELTS Practice Test.

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