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Revealed: The Most Popular Courses Among Filipino Students Right Now

Uncertain about what your study abroad journey would look like? Here’s a list of courses that Filipino students are looking at.


We understand what it’s like when you’re faced with a variety of courses available from various universities and colleges in multiple destinations.

Traditionally, popular majors comprise engineering, business, health sciences, social sciences and psychology. For students who’ve just gotten their A level or IB results (to be localised), it becomes a case of pursuing the most ideal course in the most ideal university or college.


What about today? What are the courses that appeal most to Filipino students who plan to study abroad and where do they intend to pursue them? We’ve done some digging to uncover 5 courses most popular with students today.

1. Petroleum Engineering

It seems like more and more students from the Philippines are interested in petroleum engineering – a field of engineering that deals with the production, extraction and exploration of oil.

If you do a quick search on IDP Course page, there is an array of related courses that you can pursue in countries like the United States as well as Canada. Get to apply to the likes of West Virginia University, University of Southern California and Pennysylvania State University, with courses ranging from the Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering to Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering.

Students can expect to take on field classes and laboratory work in areas like thermodynamics, engineering principles and geology.

2. Astronomy

In general, astronomy is a traditional, scientific study of celestial objects and phenomenon. For students who are keen on taking an astronomy major, it would mean getting first-hand insights into the latest developments surrounding astronomy and space science, spherical astronomy as well as theoretical astrophysics and mathematical physics.

In fact, there are also courses which are tied to astronomy. For example, the University of Sussex offers a Master in Cosmology. Countries that offer undergraduate and postgraduate astronomy courses include the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

3. Speech Pathology

Speech pathology courses help students to gain the skills and knowledge in order to evaluate, treat and diagnose communication disorders. As a speech language pathologist, also known as speech therapist, the role involves more than just correcting a person’s speech sound articulation or fluency. In fact, one is required to correct communication issues structural language impairments as well as literacy impairments.

For those who are interested, you can pursue a range of related courses. For undergrads levels, you can pursue courses like a Bachelor of Speech Pathology or a Bachelor in Clinical Speech and Langauge Studies, while postgrad students can apply for a Master of Speech and Language Pathology or even a Master of Molecular Pathology.

4. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering, as its name suggests, is a discipline that allows students to apply traditional engineering design concepts and principles to medicine and healthcare.

For students who are interested in this course, you will find that in terms of study level, one can start from a foundation pathway, eventually leading on towards the undergraduate level and then postgraduate – there is a wide array to choose from! You’ll be exposed to and accumulate knowledge in areas such as tissue regeneration, biologically inspired materials, physiological measurements, biomechanics and bioengineering.

Graduates are often touted to show expertise in designing useful and effective novel materials, devices and systems that address various problems relevant to the fields of biomedical engineering.

5. Robotics and Mechatronics

In recent years, there has been a heightened interest in the areas of robotics and mechatronics. Specialised diplomas in the field of robotics and mechatronics are also increasingly popular, including the Diploma in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automation and Robotics from Canada’s Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology. If you’re keen on a postgraduate route, you can opt to apply for a Master in Robotics from the University of Sheffield or even a PhD in Bio-Mechatronics and Robotics - Rehabilitation Technologies and Prosthetics from the University of Leeds.

Mechatronics is a sub-field of engineering that enables the creation of intelligent and versatile electromechanical systems, with courses offering a unique, multidisciplinary combination of modules that combine knowledge in electronics, mechanics and computer programming.


Keen to find out more about the above courses? Make an appointment with a counsellor today and edge yourself closer to a new adventure!





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