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Should I Get an Education Agency to Study Abroad? Here’s Why the Answer is Yes

Education counselors are a big help to aspiring international students. They provide assistance along several steps of your application to universities abroad. Here are some key reasons as to why you should approach one:

Free of Charge

Most Education Counselors are free of charge. So, you may get advice, help, and a smoother experience overall, without having to shell out any money at any point of the process at all. Education Counselors don’t need to charge you, because they are paid by universities abroad who are able to refer aspiring international students to them.

Broader Connections and Opportunities

Education Counselors provide connections and opportunities through their partnerships with universities abroad. This makes communication and application a lot smoother and easier for you. Because of these partnerships, Education Counselors are also able to inform you about what you can do and what you should avoid if you want to be accepted into universities. Moreover, through experience, they have grown familiar with the surface-level workings of these universities. For example, we at IDP have always been proud of our many partnerships and connections with universities abroad, allowing our Education Counselors to really help and point aspiring international students in the right direction. Because of our Education Counselors’ sound advice and direction, applying students feel like they are walking in with more confidence and awareness.

Overall Support at Multiple Stages

Studying abroad is quite a big investment with a lot of parts that need attention, and support and assistance at these parts will definitely make it easier for you. For some, applying to be a student abroad is a process that may seem to have a lot of moving parts or a lot of things to consider. But Education Counselors know the best advice to give—from asking students about their career and life goals, helping them select courses that are right for them, showing them their options for scholarship application, and generally just pointing them in the right direction as they begin this journey.

Valuable Experience 

If you’re applying to be an international student for the first time, this is especially applicable to you. Education counselors have amassed experience from talking to hundreds if not thousands of students, all with different backgrounds, communicating with several universities abroad, and are also very familiar with requirements and deadlines in this process, making them capable of providing sound advice.

If you’re thinking of applying or looking for study opportunities abroad, IDP is here to help. Kindly fill out the inquiry form on this page to get in touch with our excellent Education Counselors.

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