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Thinking of Studying and Living Abroad? Be Guided on the Cost of Living with this New Tool

Before you decide to study abroad, cost of living is one of first things you must consider. Luckily, IDP has an up-to-date Cost of Living Calculator that helps compare the cost of living in various countries and cities. The Cost of Living Calculator also helps estimate your monthly expenses as an international student.

Here are some of the features of IDP's Cost of Living Calculator:

1. Necessities

a. Housing - this allows you to choose which type of accommodation you prefer and the respective costs for  each.

b. Food - this indicates your potential spend depending on how often you eat out each week and how much you spend on food. 

c. Daily Life - this considers how often you use public transportation, go out to engage in social activities, as well as phone subscriptions and the types of exercise you prefer. 

d. Clothing - this will show your portential expense depending on how many items of clothing you will buy in a month.

2. Monthly Total

As soon as you finish choosing your preferred housing, your monthly total will appear on the right-hand side of the site with both the currency of where you are currently living in and the currency of where you would like to study in. Your monthly total will gradually rise as you progress through the Cost of Living Calculator.

3. Comparisons

One of the most efficient features of the Cost of Living Calculator is that it provides you a comparison of the cost in different cities and countries if ever you are still not certain with your choice.

Try IDP's Cost of Living Calculator now and see the features for yourself!

If you’re thinking of applying or looking for study opportunities abroad, IDP is here to help. Kindly fill out the inquiry form on this page to get in touch with our excellent Education Counselors.

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Written by: Dominique Sucgang

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