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From Baguio to England: My study journey in the United Kingdom

I am Busilak “Buzz” Bautista, a licensed civil engineer and sanitary engineer from Baguio city. Last September, I embarked on an amazing journey to study in the United Kingdom.

Before deciding to study abroad, I was working as a Hydraulics Design Engineer at Meinhardt Philippines, Inc. While I believe that the quality of education in the Philippines is good, as a developing country, we still need to advance in terms of technology. This is the main reason why my parents encouraged me to study overseas and learn from a world-class institution. Of course, experiencing a different culture and becoming more independent are added bonuses.

Choosing the United Kingdom was easy, as it was the only country with a certain field of study that I am interested in that offered a 1-year Master’s program.

My journey as a Filipino student in United Kingdom

My cousin who studied in Australia recommended IDP to me. I went to their office and spoke with an Education Counselor. I also attended an IDP Study Abroad Fair to speak with international school representatives. Once I decided to study in the UK, I spoke with a UK Counselor through phone calls. She then sent me an email that includes the IDP UK Client List, Application Checklist, and Personal Statement Guide. We communicated mainly through email and phone calls. It was through IDP that I was able to prepare the necessary documents and comply with all the requirements to study at the University of Surrey. I did not have any direct transactions with the university until I got my offer.

Next thing I know, I was on my way to the UK! The long-haul flight was tiring but I felt a burst of excitement as soon as I arrived. Going to the University of Surrey in Guildford from London would have been a problem, especially for first-timers, but the University organized a Meet & Greet at the airport. Even though I did not know anybody, their warm welcome made me feel at ease.

Campus tours, workshops, seminars, and a whole lot of other activities are lined up in my first week in the UK. So far, my most memorable experience is the Meet & Greet. The smiles that I received and guidance until I reached my accommodation was beyond words could express. In less than 24 hours, I made some friends!

Right now I am focused on doing well in my studies, and after graduating, I want to work at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – more specifically in the Environmental Management Bureau and hopefully be able to make full use of my acquired knowledge here in the UK. For other Filipinos who are interested to study abroad, do not waste your time trying to research and apply online. Go to IDP because they will assist you throughout the process and will answer every possible question you can throw at them.

Thank you, IDP!

- Buzz Bautista

Master of Science in Water and Environmental Engineering

University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Why study in the UK?

Aside from world-class education, here are other reasons why international students like the UK.

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