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IDP Student Story: Studying in the UK During a Pandemic

Be inspired by the story of Cara, a Filipino dentist who decided to study in the United Kingdom despite the pandemic! She plans to develop her skills and knowledge and bring them back to the Philippines.

Like many other young professionals, Cara Esguerra exemplifies a hunger for self-improvement. Despite already being a board exam topnotcher, professional dentist, and lecturer, she continues to strive for excellence in her chosen field and pursue further studies.

However, due to the limited options for postgraduate dentistry programs in the Philippines, she sought the right specialization overseas.

“I chose the UK, specifically London, as my study destination because it is a center of excellence for education and a melting pot of cultures. It is a place where I can get world-renowned education and enjoy a bustling city lifestyle, without worrying about a language barrier,” Cara shared.

She narrowed down her choice of course based on the field she found most interesting. Additionally, she considered which specialization Filipinos will benefit from the most. Cara ultimately chose Periodontics due to the lack of specialists in the Philippines.

Cara then proceeded to apply to the Professional Doctorate in Periodontology program at the Queen Mary University of London and sought IDP’s help with the student visa application. “IDP ensured that all my documents were complete and accurate by going through each document one by one. This ensured that my visit to the application center was a smooth, hassle-free experience. I got my student visa in less than two weeks!”

When asked about the additional requirements needed because of the pandemic, Cara said that they added a layer of challenge to the process but didn’t take anything away from the “once in a lifetime experience of studying abroad.”

After graduating, Cara plans to go back to the Philippines and start her own practice. She’d also like to share the knowledge she acquired by teaching or facilitating lectures for local practitioners.

 Her advice to people who are interested in studying abroad but have reservations due to the pandemic:

“Health and safety and a good educational experience do not have to be mutually exclusive. We just need to always be aware of these latest recommendations and protocols and follow them to keep ourselves safe.”

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