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Thinking of Studying Abroad? Here Are 5 Signs That You Should Pursue Your Lifelong Dream!


We get you - being an international student seems like an exciting idea until you realize that it takes a lot of courage to make the dream work. Fret not, because just like any other learning experience in life, the jitters from studying abroad will eventually pass.

If you’re looking for signs to study abroad and hop on that plane, then keep reading because you just might get your answer real soon.

1. You’re tired of the usual routine and want to go for a small life reset.

Ever felt like you just wanted to disappear and start a new life in another country? Aside from studying in a different institution, living a life abroad can teach you things about yourself that you will not learn while stuck inside your bubble. For example, in countries like Australia, those with student visas are eligible to work while studying, hence, the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, and independence as you learn to provide for yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Learn more about the estimated cost of living in your preferred country by using IDP’s Cost of Living Calculator. With the shift to a new setup, you can be comfortable with uncertainty which can change and freshen up the way you look at things and how you live your life. Growing takes time but it surely presents itself well when you crawl out of your comfort zone!

2. You’re interested in learning new languages and cultures.

Speaking and understanding a language apart from your own is definitely a skill that opens doors for both professional and personal areas of life. What then, is a better way to learn a new language than speaking it with the natives themselves? Studying abroad will allow a student like you to immerse yourself  with people who are packed with different stories, beliefs, and way of life. It widens your perspective and people-skills, which is beneficial for your growth as a person. You don’t even need to be an extrovert to interact with the natives - just have an open mind and you’ll meet new friends along the way. Who knows, they can be your lifetime friends too!

3. You’re eager to experience a different education system.

Do you know that in some schools in Australia, getting a letter grade of D is an indication that you’re doing well? Contrary to the letter grades imposed in the Philippines, getting a D in Australia means that you got the second-best results next to HD or Highest Distinction. Interesting, isn’t it? If you want to spice up things a bit and be educated in a different way, then studying abroad is the key.

Find out more about the Australian education system here.

4. You’d like a change of scenery.

The working environment plays a huge role in learning. Working in a different environment will allow more spaces for your thoughts and creative juices to flow - allowing you to produce bigger and better output. Plus, you get to experience different seasons and try new outfits! If your mouth needs a change of scenery too, then trying  new food in another country is also good for you.

5. You dream of a bright future with opportunities welcoming you from different sides of the world.

The education you‘ll be getting from studying abroad will surely open a lot of career opportunities for international students. But more than that, the experience itself will convince the employers that you are capable of working with different people from different cultural backgrounds. It gives you an edge among other candidates, and leverages your skills in adaptability. This is just one of the many skills you’ll be able to develop during the whole process. So if you want a life with a greater sense of purpose, then studying abroad is for you.

Are these the signs you were looking for? Take that leap of faith and set up a meeting with one of our Counselors to know more about the programs offered, needed budget, and basically all things you need to know about studying internationally! Fill out the form on this page to inquire.

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 Written by Claire Manimbo

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