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Why Perth, Western Australia is an Ideal Study Destination for International Students

Perth is the largest city in Western Australia and one of the friendliest and most multicultural cities in the world, with around 37% of its citizens being born from another country. This diverse melting pot of cultures not only provides a better sense of understanding for both local and international cultural identities but also allows you to better socialize and mingle with people you may not otherwise be able to get to know anywhere else! In addition to this, Perth also champions multiculturalism through other aspects as well such as gender and racial equality by forming commissions to ensure that each person, regardless of their differences, will feel safe and welcomed in the city.

Student Life

For students, Perth makes another great impression by being one of the top 50 best student cities in the world for 8 years in a row now! It is the best city for value and the least expensive city in the country, making it much easier for students to handle their living accommodations, food, and transport expenses. Perth also ranked 21st out of 231 world cities for the quality of life they provide to their citizens as measured through their healthcare, culture, education environment, and infrastructure. The city also allows for easy transportation with its efficient public transit system, providing a great balance of academic time and leisurely activities across the board for the student community. They can hop on a bus or a train from campus and go straight to the long stretches of beautiful coastlines and beaches or take a stroll in the shopping centers downtown!

Though the city welcomes and houses a large international student community, it is not as congested compared to its sister cities on the east coast - Melbourne, and Sydney - giving its inhabitants a good balance of a chill and energetic lifestyle. In addition to this, the Federal Government also endorses and offers its international students an extension of 3-5 years on their post-study work visa to further their education and career building in Perth.

Since living abroad may pose an initial difficulty to international students, many of the local institutions assist them for a smoother transition into life in Perth, whether that be technical, financial, informational, emotional, or mental support. Much of the education system in Western Australia caters to both the personal and professional needs of their students to ensure maximized holistic growth for everyone. They want to push you into gaining the necessary academic knowledge for your future career but also make sure that you are supported as well in your pursuit of passions, hobbies, and community and network building.  

Edith Cowan University, Perth

One of the top universities found in Perth is the Edith Cowan University (ECU), best known for being one of the top 5 best research schools in the country and the top public university for undergraduate teaching quality for 5 years in a row! At ECU, students are exposed to a diverse student body, with around 21% of the student population coming from over 100 countries around the world. ECU offers a wide array of courses ranging from Science and Technology, Business and Law, Medical and Health Sciences, Nursing and Midwifery, Teacher Education, and even the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)!

Fun Fact: some of WAAPA’s esteemed alumni including Hollywood stars Hugh Jackman and Jai Courtney!

On top of these courses, ECU also aims to truly equip their students with both theoretical and actual knowledge by providing them with hands-on industry experiences, work-integrated learning, and internships concerning their majors. 

International Outlets

Given that the world is still experiencing a global pandemic, flying out to Australia for college may become a more difficult decision for most international students. However, fear not because ECU has multiple offshore locations found across Asia, each with different but limited course offerings available! These offshore locations are Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, UAE, and Sri Lanka.

Excited about what else Perth can offer you? Book an free appointment now with one of our amazing Education Counselors for more information!

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Written by: Shanee Dylim

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