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You can now take IELTS on computer!

IDP Manila introduces IELTS on computer for test takers in the Philippines, offering faster results and more test dates.

Test takers will soon be able to take IELTS, the world’s most trusted English test, on a computer at IDP’s Manila centre.  

With the first computer-delivered test set to take place on 17 July in IDP’s dedicated computer lab, the new option provides test takers with a faster result turnaround and the option to choose from more test dates.

While test takers now have the choice between taking IELTS on computer or paper, the test content remains the same, and the speaking test will continue to be conducted face-to-face with a certified and experienced IELTS examiner.

The test is also the same as paper-based IELTS for scoring, timing, level of difficulty and security arrangements.

Ria Dela Vina, Country Director for Philippines, said the new test experience puts test takers first.

“We are pleased computer-delivered IELTS offers test takers more test sessions per week and faster results, while still maintaining the trust, integrity and security that is relied upon by the organisations who accept the results. 

“IELTS on computer is a new test day experience for our customers,” Ms. Dela Vina said. 

“Our test takers put a great deal of preparation into their IELTS test and we are proud to introduce these new choices, so they are empowered to perform at their best on test day.”

Undertaking IELTS is an opportunity for our customers to proudly demonstrate their English ability with a rigorous test and rise above their competition, whether through an application to a prestigious university or for professional accreditation for their dream career. 

About computer-delivered IELTS

Computer-delivered IELTS was launched in Australia in December 2017 and is being introduced across the IELTS testing network from 2018.

The test is the same as paper-based IELTS for content, scoring, timing, level of difficulty, question format and security arrangements. 

Computer-delivered IELTS includes Listening, Reading and Writing. The Speaking test will continue to be face-to-face, as it is a more reliable indicator of communication and it is what our customers tell us feels more natural for them.

Computer-delivered IELTS will not replace paper-based IELTS but rather offer a choice in delivery and more availability.

Results of computer-delivered IELTS are available between 5-7 days after taking all four test sections.

The IELTS partners are committed to continuous investment in test development in order to enhance the IELTS experience.

IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English.

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