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Life as an international student

Becoming an international student is a life-changing event and thus requires thorough preparation.

We at IDP are dedicated to helping you get through applying for visa and insurance, arranging your finances and accommodation, and orienting you about work opportunities.

Preparing for the move is just the start of the journey, however.  Moving to an entirely new country is exciting, but could also be overwhelming.  We have some tips on how to live with confidence in your study country.

Study tips

Studying in another country means adjusting to a new learning environment. Here are some ways to form good habits and be an effective studier.

Meet new people

Moving to a new place need not be a daunting experience. Find out how to meet new people and make friends quickly.
Stress management tips
Here are some stress management tips on how you can relieve some of your heavy loads.
Student checklist
Get your suitcase ready and go through these checklists before you ride that airplane.
Networking and socialising
With the right knowledge, building relationships in a new country can be simple!
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