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Stress management tips for students

Maintaining good mental health is important. Compared to local students, international students were identified as being at higher risk for stress due to extra challenges faced when living away from home . Academic demands, balancing work and study commitments, financial difficulties, and relationship problems while studying abroad can cause stress and anxiety. 

Don’t suffer in silence.

Build relationships.

Build your local support network in your host country. Interact with your schoolmates or other international students. For sure, they share similar experiences. Use social networking sites/apps to find international student groups, or people in your city who share similar hobbies.


Talk to family and friends.

Talking to somebody close to you is always a nice idea. Call every once in a while to catch up and swap stories with family and friends. 

However, try not to contact home too often as you’ll also want to focus on your current experiences as an international student and avoid becoming too homesick. 

You can try:

- Scheduling weekly/monthly Skype sessions with family or friends

- Traveling and sending postcards back home

- Writing emails or letters

- Switching off social media for a while


Look after yourself.

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Try staying active by playing sports, working out, or enjoying some outdoor activities. Exercise improves both physical and mental health. Take care of your diet as well, and try to eat nutritious food. 

If you feel like your mental health is deteriorating, see a therapist, or ask a professional for help.

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