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A student’s guide to living in Montreal

Montréal is the largest city located in the heart of the French-speaking province, Québec. It’s one of the most bilingual cities in Canada, with nearly two-thirds of the population having the capabilities of speaking both French and English. Its European ambiance brings forth several diverse cultures, languages, and cuisines of both what Canada and Europe have to offer, definitely making it a hot-spot for international students. It’s truly a great way for students to enjoy the dynamic taste and history of Europe in North America.

Salut! comment ça va? (Hello! How are you doing?)

Montréal is here to bring you the best experience of living like a European at a much lesser expense for you to study abroad. You need not worry about having those language barriers anymore -- brush up on your French vocabulary while worrying not about how to travel around the city!

If you’re still unsure about whether Montreal is the right place for you then here are some of the best tips and destinations you can look forward to when you study in Montreal: 

Eating out like a local

As a student, you definitely want to know about the best spots to eat in Montreal.

After trying out the local food, you will soon understand why Montréal is considered one of the best food cities in Canada.

Schwartz’s Deli

For a signature Montréal smoked meat sandwich, this historic delicatessen is your go-to spot. Established more than 90 years ago, Schwartz’s continues to serve as a landmark of Jewish immigrant cuisine on lively St. Laurent Blvd.

Be ready to wait in line - you won’t regret it!

Le Warehouse

Located downtown between McGill and Concordia University, this is a popular restaurant and bar for students. With every food item on their menu being $5, this is an affordable, laid-back, fun spot for students on a budget.

St. Viateur or Fairmount Bagel

This spot is known for its wood fire baked Montreal styled bagels. An age-old debate exists between Montrealers over which joint makes the best batch hot from the oven:  St. Viateur or Fairmount? To be fair, check out both. Either way, you won’t leave disappointed.

Pro-tip: come early so you don’t miss out.

Frite Alors

Looking for a late-night fix? This hip joint offers various different styles of poutine – one of Quebec’s signature delicacies. The dish, which consists of French fries (frites in French), cheese curds and gravy is a Montréal classic.

Visit one of Frite Alors’ many locations to try a poutine specialised to your liking (there’s even one topped with Montréal smoked meat).

Orange Julep

Known by locals as “The Big Orange,” this roadside attraction doubling as a fast food restaurant is an iconic giant orange orb that serves hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, and (predictably) orange crush! The restaurant is also accessible by metro via Namur station.

Juliette et Chocolat

Not too far from McGill University (the oldest university in Canada, where the current Prime Minister is an alumni) there’s a cute little café called Juliette et Chocolat that serves delicious crepes and desserts.

It’s perfect for brunch on the weekend or for enjoying a well-deserved piece of chocolate cake and coffee during exam season.

A taste of Montréal’s nightlife

For the best nightlife, Montréal has to offer, check out St. Laurent Blvd. The street is filled with clubs, bars, pubs, and other venues to satisfy your tastes. It historically represented the border separating Montreal’s English (Anglophone) community to the West and the French (Francophone) community to the East.

Le Darling

This is a hot spot for drinks, bar food and late-night snacks. Complete with vintage décor, the atmosphere is lively and laid-back, the perfect spot to hang out with friends after a day of classes.

TRH-BAR (pronounced Trash Bar)

An underground club with live music, a dance floor as well as an indoor mini-skatepark to test out your skills. A great spot for late night dancing. Most bars in Montréal are open till 6 AM.

Apt. 200

A buzzing spot with a bar, pool table, and retro arcade games that turns into a nightclub with a live DJ during the late hours.

Kampai Garden

If you’re seeking to venture outside of St. Laurent Blvd., check out this spot in Saint-Catherine. It is a great restaurant, serving Asian fusion, while also doubling as a nightclub with a tropical feel, decorated with lots of beautiful plants.

Café Campus

Evident by its name, Café Campus is a go-to spot for students in the area. The nightclub has multiple floors, bars, live music, and dancing.

Different days are assigned different themes: Retro Tuesdays feature music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while Thursdays feature your favourite songs from the 2000s.

Where to make friends (in a city of students)

An interesting blend of the old and the new, Montréal embraces the city’s historical legacy, while also welcoming the future. That makes it a great place to explore with friends, and to make new friends to begin with.

Le Plateau

A young, hip area populated by students, couples and young families. It’s known for its Bohemian character, laid-back cafés and restaurants, and funky townhouses known with spiral staircases. Especially if you’re here during the school-year, you’re sure to encounter other students in local cafes, bars, or just exploring the neighborhood.

Old Montréal

This neighborhood dates back to the 17th century with its narrow cobblestone streets. Located along the St. Lawrence river, the area heavily resembles the city of Paris.

Students come here to hang out, meet new people and even study. There’s a café here called Crew and Collective which resembles New York City’s Grand Central Station and has a great menu of sandwiches, soups and pastries.

Hiking up the mountain

For breathtaking, can’t-miss panoramic views of the city, take the well worth-it hike up Mount Roya. It’s easily accessible by walking north on Peel Street. Here, you’re sure to make friends and bond over your love of the outdoors!

Pro-tip: be sure to do this before winter hits.

Go to a music festival

Montréal's cold winters don’t stop the city from hosting Igloofest, one of the year’s trendiest music festivals. Hosted in the Old Port district in January, festival-goers (mostly students) come dressed in their most retro winter gear.

If you’re not a fan of the cold, a festival in August is called Osheaga with six stages set up in Parc Jean-Drapeau on Saint Helen’s Island.

Your university is your best resource

Both of Montréal’s main English-speaking universities have great resources for international students: the Concordia International Students Association (CISA) and the International Students Services (ISS) at McGill.

These groups hold events, connect you with other international students and will serve as your best support-base. Other international students are in a similar situation and will be eager to make friends, so don’t hesitate to make the most of these services.


A city as busy as Montréal is always looking for volunteers to help events run more smoothly.

Although as a student you’ll be very busy, get out in the city and volunteer for things that align with what you’re passionate about.

Check out the city’s volunteer website, with a list of ongoing activities and available shifts.

To ensure you’re with other people your own age, you may want to check out a student run community outreach program, which connects you to student groups that are volunteering in the city. These events happen on campus

Learn some French

Lastly, if you wanna learn more about French you can also read up on some common French phrases to help you fully experience what it’s like conversing with some of the locals there

Au revoir, bonne journée! (Bye, have a great day!)

We hope that this article has helped you discern whether Montréal is the city for you. If you’re interested to learn more about the city and the schools offered, feel free to sign up for a free consultation by filling out our enquiry form.

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