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Digital journalism, also known as online journalism, is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the internet, as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast.


Average annual salary of digital journalists

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54,000 - Projected job openings for news analysts, reporters and journalists


Projected employment growth of media and communications occupations this decade

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$120,590: average annual salary of top digital journalists

Digital Journalism is the academic field that prepares students for roles in the digital journalism landscape such as mobile journalism. Students aspiring to be journalists must be conversant with a wide range of digital abilities, from the way news is captured to how readers react to it.

While no specific definition of digital journalism exists, it is usually accepted as any form of journalistic work published on the internet. It could be in text, audio, or video format, and it is considerably faster than conventional journalism because it does not require printing and distribution of content. People can access news around the clock via the internet.

A digital journalist's job include gathering information from various sources, such as social media. This degree is designed to help students gain competencies needed to thrive in today's competitive digital journalism landscape.
Digital journalists ought to have a blend of creativity and technological skills to be able to use editing software and other broadcast related equipment. In order to post stories on websites and mobile devices, they should also be adept at using multimedia and online publishing tools. Furthermore, they require excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to effectively transfer information, establish contacts, and conduct interviews. Digital journalists must be relentless. Investigation and fact-gathering can be challenging, especially when people involved decline to be interviewed or comment. Moreover, they must be adaptable to work in odd hours. If you believe you possess the aforementioned traits and the idea of telling compelling news stories has always gripped you, then this field of study might be the right choice for you.
The first step to enter digital journalism field is by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Digital Journalism or a related field. It takes about 4 years to complete and costs around $17,144-$24,532 per year in the US. A bachelor's degree is typically sufficient qualification to pursue a career in Digital Journalism.

However, a master’s degree in Digital Journalism is beneficial to this looking to polish their skills and secure managerial positions. A master's degree in the US takes anywhere from one to two years of full-time study to complete and costs around $32,400. 
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of occupations related to media and communication is projected to grow 14 percent this decade. About 54,000 openings for news analysts, reporters, and journalists are projected over the decade. The sheer number of job opportunities leading from this degree makes it an attractive choice for many.


These visual journalists create photographs for news and feature pieces, or use photo essays to present the complete story through visuals. Photojournalists must record photographs as events unfold, sometimes in difficult or even dangerous conditions, such as during a rally or in a war zone. They must take photographs that capture the essence of a story while also conveying the personalities and feelings of the people they cover, including celebrities and politicians. Photojournalists must also provide factual information about the people and events depicted in their images.

Content Manager

Content managers create content strategies to generate interest in and draw attention to corporations and other businesses. They're usually in charge of their company's editorial schedule, and they work with a team of writers and editors to produce content like blog posts and e-books, as well as social media posts and email newsletters. Content managers must also monitor how well their techniques work and whether their approach is successful in achieving a certain goal, such as increasing customer retention.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers create social posts on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms for news organisations, nonprofits, and enterprises. Their duty is to pique interest in a company and its products and services. In order to establish positive relationships or handle customer service issues, social media managers frequently communicate with customers. They also examine engagement analytics for their content and make adjustments as needed to boost results.

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