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What is a Pre Master's Program?

A pre-master’s program could be a brand-new concept for some international students. Indeed, planning to pursue higher studies is always a huge step in anyone’s life. Yet, it’s a challenging aspect when you’re switching career paths, resuming studies after a break, or applying for a master’s degree.

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when applying to study abroad is the eligibility for admissions. Students go through universities’ websites with hopes of meeting the entry requirements to study at a graduate or postgraduate level. But unfortunately, some international students often face the dilemma of not satisfying the eligibility criteria. In such a situation, enrolling in a pre-master’s course is your best plan of action.

What’s a pre-master’s course?

As the name of the pre-master’s suggests, it’s a preparation course that you complete after a bachelor’s degree and prior to your master’s.

Why apply for a pre-master’s program?

Every year, thousands of students from around the globe fill out the applications to enhance their academic skills through studying at UK universities. Nevertheless, not all of them meet the entry requirements successfully. Some decide to shift their field of interest, and their undergraduate studies don’t quite align with their new interests. Others don’t possess the level of English language proficiency required for advanced-level courses taught in English, while others wish they could have a stronger foundation before starting a master’s program. If you fall into any of these categories, a pre-master’s course is meant for you.

A pre-master’s course is a specially designed program for international students to provide them with a strong foundation before starting their postgraduate degrees. Such a course equips the students with the necessary theoretical concepts and practical tools that are needed for a particular field of study. Before starting a full degree, students engage in courses that polish their academic writing skills, improve their language skills, and familiarise them with academic terminologies.

In fact, a pre-master’s course is meant to meet the specific needs of the students. It can be a course related to an academic subject or English language training. Such a program is often a short-term course that lasts no more than 12 months.

What are the eligibility criteria for a pre-master’s program?

A pre-master’s course is nothing short of a blessing for international students who fail to meet the entry requirements of the educational institutions of their choice. Yet, you need to meet certain requirements to enter a pre-master’s course as well.

While the requirements may vary from one institution to another, some common things that you might find in the entrance criteria of the pre-master’s course in the UK are as follows:

  • A recognised higher-level diploma related to your field of interest
  • A recognised undergraduate degree in your field of interest
  • An honours’ degree in any subject
  • A minimum IELTS band of 5.5 or equivalent score for a two-term pre-master’s and a minimum IELTS band of 5.0 or equivalent for a three-term pre-master’s.

Popular pre-masters programs

Most of the UK universities offer some common pre-master’s courses to their international students. The most common program is an academic writing course in which a student learns to write essays, bibliography, creative content, and research papers. This is particularly helpful because academic styles change from country to country, and even if you have a grasp of a style used in your country, it might not be the one used in the country you’ve chosen to study.

Subject-based courses are also quite common at the UK universities. For a master’s degree that requires a higher degree of commitment and aptitude, you’ll need to pass certain pre-requisite coursework to be fully eligible for it. For instance, most students who wish to enrol in an MBA program take business-related subjects, including business communication and ethics, marketing, or other introductory-level courses, if they’ve done their undergraduate degree in other fields.

Benefits of a pre-master’s program

Pursuing a master’s degree in the UK requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Even if you’ve managed to get good grades in your undergraduate transcript, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to survive in the highly competitive and demanding environment. And, if you‘re resuming your studies after a break, it’s important to fill in the gaps in your learning.

One of the major advantages of a pre-master’s course is the fact that it prepares you in terms of the subject matter. Once you know that you have all the tools needed to nail that full-time degree, you’ll feel more confident and driven towards your goal. Developing a strong conceptual base would enable you to grasp complex concepts more easily, and this will make your academic journey flow like a breeze.

Moreover, during your pre-master’s course, you would have received ample practice for writing academic essays, thesis, and research papers. This will help you focus completely on your research without having to worry about the time and effort you’ll invest in writing a research report. As a master’s student, you will benefit from the technical skills that you develop during a pre-master’s course.

The time you will spend during such a course would help you understand the environment, culture, and living style of the UK. It is natural to feel the culture shock or go through homesickness when you are alone studying abroad. A pre-master’s course will give you the time to adjust and adapt until the start of your degree.

If you have a clear future goal in your mind and are ready to achieve it, don’t let the hurdles stop you. Find your pre-master’s program today with the help of IDP certified counsellors to prepare yourself for your dream master’s degree! Contact us today!

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