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Choose the right subject at high school

متى:8th يونيو 2020 , 03:00 م - 04:00 م

أين:Virtual Seminar

أبرز النقاط:

Choosing the right subjects or combinations at high school is one the most important decisions you will have to make for your future. The results of your decision will hold the key to your future career path and success, especially if you are considering applying for universities overseas.

When the subjects taken are aligned to your strengths and passion, this can boost your academic performance and certainly put you in a competitive spot while applying for leading universities in UK, Australia, Canada, USA, Ireland and New Zealand.

But how can you choose the right subjects for your successful career path?

Join us – and your parents - in this free online information session with IDP Education expert to learn about:

  • The factors you need to consider before choosing your high school subjects
  • The elements that matter most when you apply for universities overseas
  • How to join us:

    Register for the session. Once the registration is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation mail with a Zoom link as well as other details for your session.

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