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Join our Q&A online session with university experts to study in Atlantic Canada Provinces

متى:30th سبتمبر 2020 , 03:30 م - 04:30 م


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Looking for high-quality education & living? Affordable tuition & living costs? Scholarships & postgraduate work? Fast track PR incentives for international students?

Join IDP’s virtual Q&A session where all your questions will be answered by university representatives; Ms. Freya Qi from the University of Prince Edward Island, Mr. Aaron Cao from the University of New Brunswick and Mr. Liam Dutton from Acadia University.

The panel discussion includes:

  • Receiving first-hand expert advice on how to benefit from all the opportunities that Canada’s Atlantic Provinces have to offer!
  • Finding the best course for you at the universities of the Atlantic provinces in Canada.
  • Maximising and fast tracking your return on educational investment by providing high-level community engagement, ample post-study work and living opportunities, and fast tracked PR through the Atlantic Immigration Program.
  • Sharing vital information to support you to arrive at your final decision to study in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

How to join us:

Register for the virtual session. Once the registration is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation mail with a Zoom link as well as the session details.

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