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San Antonio Texas 1819 N. Main Avenue
San Antonio College is a public community college that provides for and supports the education and lifelong learning needs of a multicultural community. It is one of the oldest community colleges in Texas that was established as University Junior College in September 1925, under the auspices of the University of Texas. The college is committed to building individual and collective character through the following sets of values in order to fulfil it?s vision and mission. San Antonio College today is a comprehensive community college with offerings in occupational and technical courses. It?s mission is to empower the college community for success by meeting the post-secondary learning needs of a diverse and globally-networked society.

The College provides high quality general education, liberal arts and sciences, career education, continuing education and developmental education. It offers comprehensive liberal arts curriculum designed to satisfy the requirement of the first two years of a baccalaureate degree. There are more than 75 Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching, and Associate of Science degrees for transfer to four-year institutions. The college also offers certificates and Associate of Applied Science degrees in 47 different technical/occupation fields.

San Antonio College is currently located at 1819 N. Main Avenue, Texas. It is the largest single campus community college in Texas and one of the largest in the United States.
https://images1.content-gbl.com/commimg/myhotcourses/institution/profile/myhc_239684_320px.jpg كلية سان أنطونيو (كليات ألامو) https://www.idp.com/saudiarabia/universities/san-antonio-college-alamo-colleges/iid-us-00315/

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