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7 important reasons to score a 9 in your IELTS Speaking Test Band Score

Written by Reven, December 2016

Band 9: Expert User

As an expert user of the English language, you are highly proficient in the English language and equipped with all the necessary linguistic skills to be an examiner for IELTS Speaking Test. Why not consider this opportunity to share your experiences with IELTS newcomers taking the IELTS test?

Band 8: Very good user

By achieving a band score of 8.0 and above, be a professional speaker and motivate like Anthony Robbins, debate like Donald Trump or inspire like Barrack Obama. Lead by using your charisma and speaking ability to move the hearts of a nation.

Band 7: Good user

With a band score of 7.0, pursue your dream university course as band score of 7.0 is widely accepted by majority of the universities globally as an entrance requirement for most academic courses. Start your career with a 7.0.

Band 6: Competent user

Need a change in life, ever consider migrating overseas? Start your journey with an IELTS Speaking Test Band Score of 6.0. Be recognised as a regular fluent speaker in English and experience life changing experiences in a new country.

Band 5: Modest user

Ever thought of travelling and backpacking through Australia, Europe or New Zealand? As a “Modest user”, you are equipped with the skills to travel independently and see the world to experience new culture, life and experiences. If you’ve ever thought of living in a new country, you need improve on your linguistic ability to achieve a test band score of 6.0.

Band 4: Limited user

Make new English speaking friends and exchange ideas and dialogue, get to know someone’s culture, life and experiences.

Band 3: Extremely limited user

Anything below the score of band 3.0, seek you nearest IELTS course provider for further advice on how you can improve your English language skills to start the above journey.

Remember, IELTS is the beginning of your new found exciting journey, why wait, experience life now.

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