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Online learning plus in-person teaching in the UK: New normal, more benefits

Despite the uncertainty posed by the pandemic, you don’t have to push back your goals. Apart from raising safety measures, institutions across the UK are introducing blended learning - where you’ll be offered online classes before flying over when in-person teaching kicks in.

Apart from that, we’ve picked out some of the key measures introduced by the UK government which, when complemented with its existing charm and appeal as a study destination, will prove invaluable to international students.

Tier 4 visa concessions

Perhaps one of the biggest updates: the UK Home Office has confirmed that Tier 4 sponsors are permitted to sponsor international students for blended learning - starting online or taught partially online - for the 2020/2021 academic year.

This will go a long way in assuring prospective students that an online course delivery would not jeopardise their Visa status, and that their position in the UK is secure throughout the duration of their studies.

Two-year post-study work visa

Apart from receiving a world class education in the UK, international students can now get a two-year post-study work visa (also known as the Graduate Immigration Route) upon graduating from an approved UK Higher Education provider.

For prospective students who start their courses this year, they will also be eligible as long as they arrive in the UK before April 2021. Effectively, the initiative includes those who are taking blended learning as well.

Supporting your dreams in the new normal

The measures above, plus a slew of others rolled out by the government, reflect the deep commitment that UK and its institutions have made towards the international student community.

To put that in numbers, the UK Home Office’s ambition is to increase education exports to £35 billion and the number of international higher education students to 600,000 by 2030.

The support that you get in such extraordinary circumstances will allow you to thrive both during your education journey as well as when you embark on carving out a career.

Of course, the usual perks of studying abroad in the UK remain unchanged. Your UK university degree remains a quality one that is widely recognised and respected by companies all over the world. The shorter, more intensive course structure also means that you’ll be able to fast-track your career and minimise your living costs while you study.

Secure your spot today

Whether it’s the availability of the two-year post-study work visa or Tier 4 visa concessions, there’s no doubt that multiple measures have been taken by the UK government to ensure your study adventure takes off - as seamlessly as possible.

All you have to do is to apply and secure your spot at your dream university today, before flying over once borders reopen.

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