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The Australia Student Accommodation Survival Guide

It’s not always roses and peaches when you stay in student accommodation.

In recent years, various types of student accommodation providers in Australia has started to sprout, in the process fulfilling the needs of thousands of international students.

For some, premium student accommodation could prove to be an ideal option. While it is considered a luxury where some providers like Student One and Iglu have provided a good mix of well-designed rooms and quality amenities, there are certain aspects that students can only grapple with once they check-in.

With that, here’s a list of tips and tricks to guide one through the Australian student accommodation experience.

1. Bring a hanging toiletries bag

Do take note that in most student providers, the size of the bathroom could be smaller than the ones you have at home. There might not even be those holders or ledges that support your array of body gel, shampoo and conditioner. So, a neat trick would be to take in a waterproof toiletries bag that can be hung from the shower door – allowing you to reach for whatever is needed with ease.

2. Know where to buy the necessities

What if you realise that the accommodation does not provide things like hairdryers? Or even stuff like hangers and clothes racks for you to hang your wet clothes? This is when you, as a student with a limited budget, will need to know where to hunt for these things. A popular favourite is Target, where you can get decent hairdryers for as low as $20 and hangers by the bunch for cheap. You can also find other necessities like clothes racks and even bath towels (if you want your own as most student accommodation do provide).

3. Get a multi-plug adapter

Often, you’ll find that each room has about three to four power points and it’s probably enough for those who wish to charge their laptops, phones and other electronic devices at the same time. But, you definitely can’t do that if all you bring is a lone international adapter – a common issue among many students. However, a solution is to purchase a multi-plug adapter can then allow you to charge multiple things at once.

4. Invest in a thermo flask

During summer, it’s easy to simply toss your bottle into the fridge so that you can cool yourself down whenever you need. But what happens when winter comes? You’ll probably want to have quick sips of warm water, for example during the night as it could get chilly, and you don’t want to get up and boil a full flask. A neat trick is to buy a thermo flask or bottle that can be placed beside you, providing a much-needed dose of heated hydration as and when you require.

5. Socks rock

Again, winter can take quite a bit of getting used to, especially for students who are used to a tropical climate. At times, blankets might not be enough for some people, and socks can be an extremely useful accessory to keep your toes warm. Plus, it helps when the floor of your room isn’t carpeted – enabling you to walk around without experiencing “cold feet”.

Want to find out more about student accommodation in Australia or how you can apply for one? Make an appointment with a counsellor today.

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