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Choosing your Ideal University

Written by Melvyn Chong, August 2017

Have you ever dreamt about the University you want to go to? As daunting as it seems, choosing or deciding which ones best meet your criteria is essential because you will be there for three years or more. Here are four main pointers which you may want to go through as you search for your ideal University.

Matching your interest with courses

Your starting point will most probably be taking the time to read up on Universities and the courses that they offer. You are going to want to slowly read and analyse the different types of courses available and which best meets your interest because you will spending three years or more of your life studying the related subject. Look out for the difference in the name between modules and the specialisation of each university. But don’t fret over choosing the perfect course or university if none matches your current interest as there is always the possibility of switch majors half way through your studies.

Looking out for Overseas University Expos

University Open Days, Fairs and Expo’s will be your next stop. Reading online about course description and can only get you so far. Heading down to an Expo will definitely allow you to widen your scope and get a better understanding of what’s out there. Going to these events will allow you to meet lecturers and university’s representatives in person. They will be able to provide you with better insight and tailor answers to individuals like you. Moreover, you could also enquire on the facilities provided to students and learn about the culture of the University from the choices of the UK, Australia or New Zealand. All of which, should give you a better idea as to whether to consider them or not.

Finding out on the nitty gritty

As a student, you may also be entitled to multiple benefits that differ between Universities and programmes. Look out and question about any additional benefits you may get. Some universities allow or provide you with breaks between semesters, giving you the opportunity to acquire an internship or garner some work experience before or during your studies. For instance, in the UK, there are sandwich programmes which in other words, gap years, allowing you to work full-time while getting paid as a regular employee. In return, aids you in deciding if you are on the right path.

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