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How Best To Prepare To Commence For Overseas Studies in Australia

Written by Esther Low, January 2018

You have that jittery feeling in your stomach but don’t know what it is?

Anxiety starts to overwhelm you as you sit by your desk scrolling through the various google tabs you have open, trying to find out more about what to expect when studying overseas.Here are some of my personal tips and tricks on how to better prepare yourself and ease those butterflies in your stomach.

  1. Always start by looking up the university you are commencing online, be it their Facebook or Instagram handle.
  2. Join any student associations and take part in the pre-departure seminars held by the universities and IDP to meet your fellow friends and potential classmates as well as admissions representatives.
  3. Personally, I went to the Youtube channels of the various universities to find out more about what student life was like. As a holistic study experience was important to me, finding a school which would provide me with that wholesome experience was important.
  4. Look at their online platforms to explore what their campus is like, and what sort of student clubs and experiences you will have.
  5. Speak with friends or people around you who have studied abroad to discuss the available options. Better understand the country, state, and university you are going to commence at through talks and discussions with them.
  6. Attend orientation week for both your university and the college you are residing in. This is important for adjusting to university life in breaking barriers and forging new friendships.

Before officially commencing my university studies, I spoke to some friends to find out more about things to expect, enrolment matters and what life would be like.Once that’s out of the way, you can then fuss over things to bring. Of course, the girls would want to pack everything and anything, but remember to pack what’s most important, and what you KNOW you’ll get ample use out of, and not what you THINK you will use.

Cooking sets and linens can all be bought when you arrive, so only pack important items like stationary, skincare products and essential clothing! Remember, you only have 30kg on a regular flight and 20kg on a budget flight, so pack wisely and pack early to avoid to stress and hassle of last minute packing!Last but not least, don’t forget to meet students from various background and cultures during orientation week! Making new friends can be difficult and daunting, but these new friends can turn out to be life-long friends. But of course, don’t forget your old friends back home as well.

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