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Education & Careers in S.T.E.M

 Written by Cheryl Lee, August 2018

What is STEM and Why is it Important?

STEM education refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and it is so essential because it underpins many facets of our world, our economy down to our well-being.

More than just coding and lab coats, STEM functions underpins manufacturing, food production, health care, data, and many other exciting, constantly expanding, and evolving industries!

The future is here, and it requires a citizenry fluent in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Consider this:

Today, more people on the planet use a mobile phone than they use a toothbrush.

90% of all of the world’s data has been generated in the last 2 years.

NASA plans to set foot on Mars in the next 20 years, and driverless cars are already being tested in Europe.

(Source: Smithsonian Science Education Centre and IDTech)

Job Opportunities and Earning Potential

STEM and innovation go hand in hand, leading to an ever-expanding sector of interesting jobs, and this growing demand translates to better, higher earning jobs.

Consider these statistics:

Growing demand: 2.4 million STEM jobs are projected to go unfilled by 2018, given that there were 1.2 million vacant STEM jobs in 2013.

Singapore alone anticipates a need for 3,000 more nurses and cyber security experts and 1,500 new marine jobs by 2020

Higher earning jobs: STEM occupations out-earn non- STEM fields by 12-30% across all education levels.

(Source: Smithsonian Science Education Centre and IDTech)

What Can I Study?

Not sure where to start looking? Here’s a few suggestions..


T - Cybersecurity, Medical Imaging, Architecture, Information Technology, Computing, Geographic Information.

E - Chemical, Mining, Electrical, Mechanical, Construction, Software, Space Engineering

M - Actuarial Science, Mathematical Science

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