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Housemates from Hell - I Saw Blood Leaking from the Fridge

Have you ever encountered a bad housemate? Well, you haven’t met mine.

Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime, no doubt about that. But sometimes, you encounter different sets of challenges that will – to put it nicely – sharpen your resolve and increase both patience and tolerance levels.

My time in Australia was a marvellous peach of a journey. It gave me a whole bunch of memories that would forever be etched in my mind. However, with these sweet memories tag a couple of dreary ones that are hard to erase, try as I might.

One of them pertains to an experience with an ex-housemate – not just any housemate – but a housemate from hell. For privacy purposes, let’s call him J.

Damp odour

Personally, I have no issues with smells or scents as long as they are not overpowering. Somehow, whenever I walk past J’s room – with the door ajar – there’s often a constant emission of a damp, foul odour that floats and snakes around you, enough to constrict and gag any unsuspecting victim.

A quick glance and you’ll see a pile of unwashed clothes at the corner, food wrappers and unsealed bags of half-eaten chips. Coupled with the room windows that were sealed shut, the only exit for the stench to escape is through the room door, into the living space, into the kitchen…

Magical dishes

Living under the same roof with J has helped me to understand the pains of parents who clean up after their children. I’m not even OCD when it comes to washing dishes but one week’s worth of greasy plates, cups and utensils can be quite a gross sight.

It’s as if J is expecting magic to happen, that the dishes can magically clean up by themselves and I don’t’ blame him for thinking so – since I have to break my resolve and wash them. Confronting J would only lead to excuses or procrastination of the highest order, and standing my ground will only give birth to swathes of incessant flies and whatever creatures that lurk in the sink.

Horror fridge

This episode tops it all. Like an icing to a cake that has been stomped on. You see, J and I share a small fridge – I don’t cook a lot so I wasn’t too hung up about having enough space in the freezer or fruits compartment.

Now, J relishes his red meats – nothing wrong with that – but each time, he drives home with bags of meat and tosses in slabs of raw, bloodied beef into the freezer, sometimes sealed, sometimes resting in those crinkly plastic bags. All was bearable, fine and dandy until I returned home one day from university and stumbled upon a scene straight out of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – blood was oozing from the freezer compartment – and by then, the floor had amassed a pool of dark crimson liquid.

I realised that the freezer door’s magnetic strip was worn out and could no longer shut properly, leaving the frozen meats to thaw, melt and instil horror. But this wasn’t the most shocking moment. It was J’s reaction.

I yelled and told J that the freezer door was ajar and that his sirloin and ribeye slabs were thawing and blood was everywhere and he needed to clean up the mess and…

“I know,” J replied.

There you go. Housemate from hell.

While I don’t wish you to get bad housemates – studying abroad is more than that! – living overseas does provide a platform for you to grow from myriad experiences. It may be unnerving and uncertainty might creep in the beginning, but you’ll soon move with the flow and learn to soak in the excitement of being somewhere new – embracing new sets of cultures and a new way of life.

Find out more about how you can thrive in a foreign land and pursue your dreams abroad!

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