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How Studying in London Transformed My Life

Isni Nura has no regrets when it comes to embarking on a new adventure in London.

It’s tricky for many study abroad students when they leave the comfort of home and into a foreign, uncertain bubble.

Sometimes, it can be frightening for international students, when studying and living overseas requires more than just courage but also the ability to adapt and embrace a different culture. If handled correctly, it can be a positive, thrilling and fruitful experience.

Take for example, Indonesian student Isni Nura. Through IDP, she was able to grasp the opportunity of studying and living in London, to not only see the world but to also face challenges that arise and come out stronger.

We met up with Isni in London, as she shares why one should grasp the opportunity to study abroad and dive into a world of experiences.

Name: Isni Nura

Course: Bachelor of Fashion Buying Management at Westminster University

The first time you arrive… it can be challenging. But there’s a lot of useful advice and resources provided by the university campus, covering aspects like transport, food, and everything else, really.

When I crave for Indonesian food… I’ve got two favourite Indonesian restaurants in London. Also, the Chinatown in London is huge and you can find anything and everything.

Living and studying abroad… is my passion. I like living in a foreign country because of the challenges and the people I meet along the way.

Being exposed to a new culture… has enabled me to grow as a person and I think you should do it at least one in your life.

One advice I would give… I know it’s daunting to live on your own, that you’re 10,000 miles away from home. But you just have to do it. You’ll become friends with more people and you’ll get to travel with some of them and, ultimately, it’ll help shape these moments into precious experiences.

You’ll never be… sorry when it comes to studying abroad. I think you should go out there and put yourself out there, to enjoy the moment and be positive.

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