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How To Bring Your Family & Friends Out To Australia

Heading over to Australia for studies? Find out more about Australian visa pathways for your friends and family.

Written by: Anthony Bianco (Content Specialist at Allianz Global Assistance)

Australian Visas Singaporeans Can Access To Visit Australia

Are you studying in Australia for a few years and wish to bring some of your family members out to visit for the short, medium or long term?

There are actually a number of visa pathways to bring out your family members, depending on their length of visit and what they want to do. We’ll go through these below:


Sydney Opera House Australian Visa

Eligible Family Members on Your Student Visa

First of all, if you have a partner or dependent children less than 18 years of age, they will be eligible to accompany you to Australia. You have to declare relevant family members anyway during your student visa application process, regardless if they are accompanying you to Australia or not.

Short Visits

When your course is out of session, you’ll have a chunk of time to explore different parts of Australia – and may want to do this with your family and friends while you are out here.

It’s quite simple for Singapore nationals to visit Australia, as they are eligible for an Electronic Visa Authority (or ETA - otherwise known as a 601 Visa). This means they can apply for this visa for tourism purposes, such as visiting friends and relatives, or for business meetings, conferences or other short term business arrangements.

Singaporeans can apply for an ETA online at or via a travel agent or the relevant airline offices in Singapore. No physical application forms are required. This is a multiple entry visa and is granted for a duration of up to 12 months and each individual visit can last up to 3 months at a time. Note that no work is permitted on this visa.


Extended Visits

If your family or friends are in the position to stay for a much longer visit, Singaporean citizens may wish to access the 600 Visitor visa. Normally, this allows for stays of 12 months, however, this visa is available to Singaporean citizens for a period of up to six years. More information is available at the Australian Embassy in Singapore.

As per the 601 visa, no employment is permitted on the 600 visa.

Working Holiday

Your friends may wish to take advantage of the working holiday program for Singapore nationals that was established in 2017. The 462 Work and Holiday visa allows holders to take an extended holiday but also allows for employment to help fund their trip. This visa lasts for 12 months, but visa holders may be eligible for an additional 12 months if they meet requirements for working in certain areas in regional Australia.

People must be aged between 18 and 30 years old to be eligible for this visa. You may wish to apply for this visa yourself after you finish your studies.


The Australian government grants a number of temporary working visas for skilled migrants across a range of disciplines and industries such as engineering and medicine, of which the most popular is the 482 TSS Temporary Skill Shortage visa. If you have a family member that is eligible for one of these temporary working visas, they may wish to apply and work in Australia temporarily – and keep you company during your studies.


Luckily for Singaporeans, there are a number of ways that you can bring out your family members or friends to visit you while you’re studying in Australia.

While it’s always great to broaden your horizons and experiences overseas, it’s always nice to share them with someone who’s close to you!

Allianz Global Assistance provides Overseas Visitors Health Cover for Visitors and Workers to help with health costs whilst you’re visiting Australia.


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