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Important Checklists before leaving for overseas studies in Australia

 Written by Sarrah, July 2017

So it is time to leave for Australia for further studies! Before you go, have you checked if you have everything in place? What are some of the things you need to take note of before you fly over for a couple of years or even more? Below is a list of checklist to take note of before you officially move.

1. University Matters

It is important to cover these essential questions before the official commencement of your classes.

  • Have you gotten the login for your student portal?

  • If so, have you enrolled for your first semester units?

  • Are you aware of the dateline to pay any outstanding amount of the tuition fees?

  • When is Orientation Week?

  • Do you have the schedule for your Faculty’s activities?

  • When does your class officially commence?

2. Accommodations and Housing

For all students who have/ have yet/ have not settled any accommodations, make sure that you ask yourself these questions before you even get on the plane. If you have any questions about accommodations as an international student, please remember to ask your Education Counsellor for help.

  • Have you confirmed your check in date and time and the process of doing so?

  • If you are an Under 18 student staying with a Homestay, have you confirmed with the homestay family/ homestay provider on the date and you may arrive? *It would be appreciated to prepare a gift for your homestay family as a form of courtesy!

  • Have you applied for an airport reception that is available complimentary in most Universities? If not, have you made prior transportation arrangement?


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3. Visas and Passports

Thirdly, keep in mind to ensure that your visa and passport information are up-to-date and completed as the Australian government requires.

  • Have you been granted your e-Visa? Do print out your Visa Grant Letter for your reference and that the period granted covers your full duration of course.

  • Does your passport cover you for all or the majority of the course duration? Make sure that you have at least six months validity in your passport.

  • Have you printed out your eCOE?

  • For the military men, have you applied for your Military Exit Permit online?

  • Are your visa and passport placed somewhere that is easily accessible? It is best to place them in your carry-on luggage or handbag.

4. Medical Concerns

The Australian medical system is different from the one in Singapore thus make sure you have everything in order before you head out.

  • Have you gotten all of your necessary vaccinations (especially for Medicine/ Dentistry and some other Health courses)?

  • Is your OSHC covered for the full duration of course?

  • Have you checked what your OSHC covers you for and what it does not?

  • Are you ready for travel health-wise?

Your family doctor/ general practitioner should be able to assist you with any medical questions that you may have concerns about before travelling so do set an appointment with them before you fly out of the country.

5. Packing Up!

There will definitely be a lot of things that you would want to bring to Australia. However, make sure of your maximum baggage and pack along the more important things before you bring the “not-so-important”. Bring winter clothing as well as summer light wear to last you for a year of season. The fashion in Singapore has more variety and perhaps you would be able to find reasonable finds here before you leave. In addition, stationeries are more affordable here in Singapore and it would be worthy for you to pack a bunch of them. For the ladies, make up and beauty products are more varied and value for money back home.

Make sure that everything you are bringing along is in code with what you can bring on the plane. Every airline has guidelines and regulations that you must adhere to thus make sure you read them on the website of the airline you are using to travel.

and… it is time to say Farewell!

The hardest part of any extended “trip” is saying goodbye to those whom you care about. Here are some questions you should take care of in terms of your social relationships.

  • Make sure that you have contact information (eg: by Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, email, snail mail, or phone, make sure that you can keep in touch with everyone you want to continue being in touch with.

  • Consider updating your social media to constantly update those you love on a regular basis!

  • Hang out with your loved ones before you leave and do not make the mistake of secluding yourself because you are busy packing!

  • Consider throwing a gathering so you can have some fun with your friends and family before you fly!

These checklists will help you make a smoother transition when you arrive so you can start having fun and adapting to the new environment. If you still have concerns about your final checklists, remember to contact your Education Counsellor to help guide you through before your leave.


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