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Newcastle – the Smart City to live, study and enjoy

Written by Shirlene Wong, June 2017

Newcastle, the seventh largest cities in Australia, located at the north of Sydney. It’s a friendly city easily accessed by public transport from other cities in Australia. National Geographic has featured Newcastle is a smart city to live in with the combination of cutting-edge technology innovations and handmade craftsmanship.

Let’s come and find out what’s making Newcastle as a smart city:

1. Bathers Way - a scenic 5km costal walk along all the popular beaches and is part of the regional trial. You may discover the historical site of Fort Scratchley (a former coastal defence installation, is now a museum) or if you are lucky enough you may see the playful dolphin riding the waves during winter time.

2. Novocastrians (as Newcastle, Australia, residents are known) emphasizes farm-to-table, locally sourced products for their food. One of the popular café – Blue Door café as they proud on their food as ‘simple food, done well’. You may realise the café and restaurant in the city reflect their active lifestyles, broad tastes and the laid-back attitudes.

3. Newcastle centre business district has free wifi throughout which unusual in Australia. It is available at all times, 24/7 with no access to any adult content or inappropriate websites, as it will be automatically blocked. According to BT’s regional partnership, Simon Roberson, it is believed that connecting with people is at the heart of everyone in the world now; hence, it is very important for people to be able to stay connected via all sorts of platform. This is extremely helpful as people are constantly on the move. Because internet is so easily accessible to everyone in Newcastle, Newcastle City Council is moving an increasing number of services online; thus, giving people the accessibility to be able to constantly and immediately access to any type of services at one push of a button. Such services include shopping, checking travel arrangements, all sorts of reservations, and also being in social network platforms. Having said that, because Newcastle provides free wifi, therefore all sorts of network surfing does not have to go through one’s one personal mobile data.

4. Moving forward towards to future, Newcastle is now currently working with significant local companies and organisations to develop programs that would assist people to get involved into a global initiative to make the city much better and more advanced. The smart parking and lighting use sensors to detect when streets are busiest. This innovation technology is used to improve the city amenity and energy efficiency.

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