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Places To Eat If You Are In Western Australia

Written by Jasmine Tan, March 2018

As a counsellor who once studied at Curtin University in Perth, eating has become one of my past time while studying here. So for this issue, I will be sharing with you my top 3 personal favourite food places of all time.

Luk Fook North bridge Chinese Restaurant

(Photo Credit:

Located at what is considered the Chinatown of Perth, this Chinese restaurant sells very good Dim Sum that as a Singaporean, you will just want to keep going back for more. I came here countless of times with different groups of friends and the food here just doesn’t disappoint. If you do not have any lessons in the morning, why not give this place a try?
Address: 26 Roe St, Northbridge WA 6003

Ciao Italia

(Photo Credit:

Now this little Italian restaurant might just look like a small shop at the corner and you might think that it serves average food and that was what I thought about as well until I took away their food home for dinner. My personal favourite is their squid ink pasta which no matter how much you eat, you won’t feel sick and tired of it, and the tiramisu. Really, you have to try their tiramisu because it’s so flavourful and rich in taste that I cannot find anyone who can make it as well as them.

They are so successful that they’ve opened another branch near The University of Western Australia (Hooray for UWA students). Here’s a hack: Take away your food instead of consuming there and you can save yourself a huge amount of time (I’m saying more than 1 hour of waiting time if you eat there!).

South Perth Address: 273 Mill Point Road, South Perth (Corner of Douglas Avenue)

Nedlands Address: 39/88 Broadway, Nedlands (Corner of Caporn Street)

Little Creatures


The last place I am going to recommend is called Little Creatures. This place is not really a place for eating but is a really relaxing to chill and enjoy the company of your friends. Little Creatures is a company that creates its own beer and the beers there are really good. Did you also know that Little Creatures is located at Fremantle?

With the sea breeze, wonderful company and good beer, studying overseas has never come with better perks than these.

That’s all I have to offer for the wonderful things in Perth for now. I hope you enjoy your studies overseas, make many new friends and forge many wonderful and memorable friendships during the duration of your stay.


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