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Spending less than AUD$10/ meal in Perth – a week itinerary!

 Written by Sarrah, February 2017

Perth has been known to be a on the pricier side in terms of food since the mining boom. However, if one has lived there long enough, you can definitely find some affordable yet delectable eats around the state! Below is a week itinerary for a student to get by.

Day 1:

Have a taste of AUD$5.00 home-cooked chicken rice at Chilliz Malaysian Fair located in Karawara, Raine Square in Perth City and Nedlands. If you do not mind spending a little bit more, Chilliz has a Monday Special of a Meal + Snack + Drink for only AUD$7.50! The nostalgic taste of home will certainly make you come back for more after a week!

Day 2:

Have a bowl of Teriyaki Don for only AUD$6.50 and fill your stomach! Taka is one of the most value-for-money Japanese restaurants located at Barrack Street. Do not let the price fool you too! For such affordable prices, Taka provides quality and fresh ingredient for all their meals! It is really no wonder why their queues are long all the time.

Day 3:

Craving for some Vietnamese food? - head down to Fee Fi Pho Fum Vietnamese Kitchen and Noodle Bar at Subiaco. The decor at Fee Fi Pho Fum is cheap and cheerful, and so is the food. With the pho coming in under the AUD$10 mark and a banh mi for less than AUD$8, you would very happily come back here again and again.

Day 4:

Reward yourself through the mid-week by eating your fill at Analakshmi Restaurant located at Barrack Square. The line can get extremely long, but if you are going on a Thursday, you should get in fast enough. It is a cuisine of Indian vegetarian food, but does not fall short of being finger-licking good! There is no price to pay for the meal as the restaurant pride itself with the concept of “Pay as you feel”. The restaurant runs purely on volunteers.

Day 5:

A tiny place, primary known as a takeaway joint with a few plastic tables and chairs thrown about for those that wish to eat in, Sparrow is one of the cheapest eats located at Mount Lawley! It started off as the locals’ best haunts but with the amount of media coverage it is getting, Sparrow is now known to be one of the tastiest Indonesian restaurants. If you are looking to get full fast but saving on the dough, you can order the Semur Daging at a mere AUD$9.50.

Day 6:

Craving for some good burgers? Why not head to Alfred’s Kitchen where you can get one of the tastiest burgers in town! Alfred’s Kitchen is a reputed landmark in the centre of Guildford and an experience not to be missed! For a delectable HAWAIIAN SPECIAL, you get a mouth-watering burger Ham Steak with egg, cheese and pineapple. Mayonnaise replaces the bbq sauce. It only costs AUD$8.80.

Day 7:

Wake up on a chilled Sunday and head to ToastFace Grillah to have a bite of their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee! With a not too complicated menu, it is easy to choose a good one to fill the growling stomach. Wash it down with a cup of tea to complete the perfect brunch!

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