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Studying in Scotland

Written by Linyan, October 2017

Home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK and also to several excellent universities, Scotland is a fantastic place to pursue a degree abroad. Students will not just receive top-quality education, but also live in one of the most welcoming places on the planet with fascinating and unique culture and traditions.

Everyone knows about the famous kilts, bag-pipe players or ceilidh dances and even the Loch Ness Monster legend, but there is more to Scotland than these iconic elements.

World’s Top University

Scotland is home to many of the world’s top universities. There are 19 higher education institutions to choose from in Scotland, including world famous universities such as the University of Edinburgh and University of St Andrews. Scottish universities offer some of the highest rates of student satisfaction for teaching in the UK, while graduates enjoy the highest rate of employment or further study in the whole of the UK.


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"World-Leading" Research

A major reason to study in Scotland is to be part of world-renowned research. Researchers in Scottish universities are responsible for many world-changing innovations, such as the MRI Scanner and keyhole surgery. The high standard of Scottish education is reflected in the fact 99.9% of Scottish researchers are working in disciplines where world leading research is taking place.

With some of the most highly-rated scientific institutions in the world, studying in Scotland gives students access to world-class facilities and multiple centres of excellence.

1) Social life

Scottish people have a worldwide reputation for being warmth and friendliness. Whether it’s the millions of visitors who travel to Scotland every year or the thousands who come to live permanently, majority of the visitors express their opinions of how their genuine their friendliness are and how welcoming they are in terms of hospitality.

Scotland is bursting with exciting events all year round, which make it an ideal place to study and live. Every year there are over 350 festivals, from the biggest music acts at “T in the Park”, to the world’s largest arts festival at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Scotland also recently hosted the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and the MTV Awards in Glasgow. There is always something new and exciting happening in Scotland – another great reason to study in Scotland!

2) Affordable Living Costs

According to The Independent and other statistics, the cheapest universities to attend in the UK are Scottish. Students in Scotland enjoy affordable living costs that range at just around 700 – 750 GBP/month. International students say that accommodation is the most costly, but food is cheaper and there are many facilities and discounts for students. An average monthly budget of around 700-800 GBP should cover all expenses, including trips and activities. Food will cost around 200-300 GBP/month, and other expenses such as shopping, entertainment, books and trips depend greatly on your lifestyle.

3) The Most Beautiful Country

Towering mountains, glittering lochs, thick woodland and miles upon miles of golden beaches - Scotland's landscapes really will take your breath away. Tour the rolling hills and lush farmland of the Lowlands and drive through deep glens surrounded by mountains in the Highlands. Not only are the landscapes so beautiful, but many have mysterious myths and legends attached to them - such as the Green Loch, thought to be green because the local fairies used to wash their clothes in the loch.


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