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Studying Deakin University

Written by Shirlene Wong, March 2018

As the key agent representative in Singapore, we have placed many Singaporeans overseas. Read more to find out about studying in Australia. Featuring one of our student’s story who came through IDP Singapore. I would like to feature, Nurulsyazana, a 25 year old Singaporean who shares about her life in Deakin University studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science.

Hi, my name is Nurulsyazana, but you can call me ‘Syaz’ because I know my name is difficult to pronounce. I come from a very small country called Singapore. I’m 25 years old and a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University.

I have travelled to Australia for holidays with my family about five times, including Melbourne which is now like a second home to me. I find Australian people very friendly and very helpful – there’s always a smile on their face. And not forgetting their amazing and beautiful nature across the entire country.

I never knew that I would be furthering my studies at Deakin University’s Melbourne Burwood Campus! I’m happy to say I enjoyed my first year. My course teaches me how our body works internally, with all the muscles, bones, tissue and nerve systems working together as one. The unit I enjoy the most is Motor Learning and Development as it is a hands-on unit, which suits me as I’m a hands-on person. During practical classes we are given games or sports to play and learn the outcome of exercise.

During my studies at Deakin, I love using the library as I can find all the books that I need for my assignments or for referencing. It makes my assignment preparation go smoothly. The ‘silent area’ of the library is the best place for me to do my assignments because it makes me focus more and not get distracted from others.

I’m a very sporty person. I played and tried all different kinds of sports and I love the outdoors. I would love to learn even more on how our bodies function to get the outcome we need to improve our skills physically and psychologically.

Because back in Singapore the sport that I loved doing was Aikido. It’s a Japanese martial art. I’m also an Aikido teacher, specialising in teaching kids from the age of 3 to 13. That’s what motivated me to continue my studies in Exercise and Sport Science as I would love to help my students improve their posture, movements and skills. I want to be able to motivate them to do better in Aikido and their daily life, and make sure they are active at a young age.

Living and studying in Melbourne gives me the opportunity to explore places beyond my comfort zone. Learning new cultures, meeting new people, making new friends with both locals and internationals, has all been a part of my experience. My friends have been there for me always, I really appreciate it.

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