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The Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad – Prep Like A Pro!

If you are seeking to study abroad, you are in good company.

Perhaps you’ve just gotten your A-Level results or graduated with a diploma, or maybe you’ve just received your O-Level prelims scores and you want to prepare early.

We’ve got good news: There are various pathways you can take to study abroad and pursue your ideal course in a dream university! 

Studying overseas brings about a host of benefits that will not only help your future career prospects but your perspective in life as well.

But before you can start exploring new cultures and grow beyond your comfort zone, you will need to have a game plan to effectively chart a path to your end goal - a course that fulfils your aspirations and a destination that excites you!

Start Your Preparations Early & Thoroughly

Preparing to study abroad is more complex than just choosing a country and a course and hoping for the best - there are key considerations you will have to take and questions to ask yourself.

‘Is the University accredited and suitable for my career choice?’

‘Will it be easy for me to acclimatise in my destination country? Will there be too much of a culture shock?’

In this article, we will take you through the 5 steps you must go through to study abroad effectively without any hiccups.

Step 1: Research On The Course & Field You Would Like To Enter

It is important to be clear about your future career and the right type of course that is needed to achieve your goals.

In just finance alone, there are many fields from accountancy to business that can be chosen that have totally different coursework and modules that will affect what you will learn and what will be recognised.

It is also prudent to research where alumni of the courses have worked in to ensure you are on the right path.

Step 2: Research & Choose From The Various University Intakes Across Prime Study Destinations

Many students today seek to study in English speaking countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada & the UK and it’s no wonder - they host some of the world’s best Universities and are inclusive and welcoming to international students.

During your research, do take note of a few critical information that will help you make an informed decision:

  • The course intake date
  • The duration & course fees
  • If any scholarships are available
  • The English Language (IELTS) test requirements
  • What the student body looks like

Step 3: Get In Touch With IDP Counsellors For First-Hand Advice

Now that you have decided on your course and have narrowed down a few Universities in your desired countries, it’s time to get insider information from those that have walked through your path before - namely our IDP counsellors!

From understanding the culture and application procedures to scholarship advice and learning about your accommodation options, our IDP counsellors will help you navigate through this entire process.

Step 4: Get Your Certifications & Necessary Tests In Order

If you are applying to Universities in countries such as the UK and Australia, it is likely you will need to take the IELTS test and attain the required score in order for your application to be considered and processed.

Be pro-active and book your IELTS test, get familiar with the test format and get the required grade to get your certifications done.

Step 5: Send In Your Applications & Settle Your Accommodations

Once you have the above four steps handled, you can start to send in your applications but the process isn’t finished yet - you still need to find a place to stay during your years of study.

There are various options that include renting an apartment, staying within the school campus or a homestay experience with a host family. Depending on your own preference, certain options might be better for your needs.

At IDP, We Help Guide You Through The Process To Study Abroad

While the steps above might serve as a good guide for you, at IDP, we understand there might be some questions you might have during your application process and we are here to help!

Our friendly education counsellors are looking forward to helping you through the entire process, from choosing the most ideal course to helping you with visa and university applications.

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