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The University of Western Australia

Written by: Kyler Chua, July 2017

Go8 is a coalition of some of the World's largest and oldest leading research intensive Australian universities. One of these eight universities is the University of Western Australia (UWA). As the name of the institution indicates, it is located in Western Australia.

UWA Campuses

University of Western Australia comprises of three campuses. Located beside the beautiful Swan River, 20 minutes bus ride down Stirling Highway from Perth City Centre is the Crawley Campus. Crawley campus is the main campus where most of its courses are held. It's five, soon to be six, affiliated residential colleges are only a stone throw away to the north of the campus.

Navigating another 10 minutes down the Stirling Highway will bring you to the Claremont Campus. This campus houses the foundation and diploma pathway programs run by Taylors College, and UWA’s English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

Approximately four to five hours down south, in the small quiet town of Albany is where UWA’s Albany campus sits. This campus is setup for the main purpose of catering to the local community and offers a wide range of options, for instance, Sports, Social Activities, Public Lectures, Art Events and more - that allow you to become more involved in the Campus Community.

UWA Education System

The University of Western Australia’s education system is tad similar to the education done in the United States. It separates its academic degree (Bachelor of Arts, Science, etc) at the undergraduate level and professional degree (Engineering, Law, Medicine) at the postgraduate level.

Therefore, students who completed a Year 12 equivalent (GCE A level, International Baccalaureate, etc) and wish to undertake a professional degree such as Engineering, will be first required to undergo three years of Bachelor's degree in a related field followed by two years of Masters in Engineering. Those who simply wish to pursue a non-professional degree will just need to qualify for any one of five bachelor's degrees offered by UWA. These bachelor degrees include Arts, Commerce, Design, Science, and Biomedical Science.

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