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Thinking about further education? Have you thought it through?

 Written by Kyler, January 2018

Are you planning to further your education? Have you planned on what you wish to study?

If you have not, read on.

You are probably at one of the crossroads in your life. The path that you take now may well determine how far it may take you in life. Life is always forward moving. Once you embark on this path, there is no turning back until you find the next U-turn.


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When you are deciding what best to study, there are a few things you should take note of:

  1. Don’t go along with your peers just because everyone is going for the same thing. Everyone is unique. Whatever that your friends may be pursuing may not suit you.
  2. Don’t let your parents live their dreams through you. Whatever pathway you decide to embark on will decide how far you will go in life. Your parents are there to guide you long in life but they will not always be there.
  3. The safest options may not be the best options.Some people decide on what to study simply based on the current market trend. The world is forever evolving. Whatever market that may be booming now may not bode well 5 to 10 years down the road.
  4. Have you thought about your career options, what it entails and what level of education you need to take you there? Having such thoughts are important as it will help you to filter out options that does not seems realistic. For instance, money constraints, duration of studies, etc.
  5. Go with your strengths and your passion. Understand yourself well and play to your strengths. For instance, if you are interested in Engineering, do you know that Mathematics is one of the key subjects in this field of study? Or, if you wish to study physiotherapy, you need to be exceptionally good with subjects such as biology.
  6. Still unsure? Take a gap year. It is not common in Singapore but popular in some other countries. Use this gap year to do internships in different industries that you may be interested in so you know for sure what you want in life and what education pathway to pursue. Just note that sometimes you don’t need to do further education to pursue that dream of yours.

Just know that for whatever things you do, there should be a purpose. It is that purpose that is your guide in the path that you should be embarking on. Therefore, you should look ahead and decide where you want to be before deciding on what you want to study. Should the industry evolve or should you fall off the track, at least you won’t fall too far off the mark that you have set for yourself.

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