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Top 3 Attractions in Perth

Written by Jasmine Tan, July 2018

Article was updated in August 2019

In the last blog that I wrote, I mentioned about the top 3 places that people should visit when in Perth (based on my suggestion). Today, I’ll recommend the top 3 attractions I feel you should visit while you are in Perth. This blog can be used for people studying in Perth or if you are a tourist going to Perth for the first time. 

Kings Park & Botanics Garden

Students from University of Western Australia will find this place very close to their campus. For others that have never heard of it or are studying in schools further away from here, Kings Park is my first recommendation in this blog. Some people might be wondering why I will be recommending this place. There is actually a reason for this. Kings Park is an iconic attraction within Perth that has a very stunning view of the city from the top of the park.

Perth Australia Kings Park

Photo Credit:

It’s an insta-worthy place for breathtaking photographs, and what makes it a wonderful place for perfect photos are the natural lighting from the sun. No filters needed whatsoever and you are ready to post that photo onto the social media platforms. If being under the sun is not your cup of tea, consider coming at night. The view at night is different from the day although you are standing at the same location. Try it if you have the time and feel the difference yourselves. Other than photo-taking and exploring the gardens, you can also learn about the history about Kings Park guided tour and you can find out more by clicking here.

Fremantle Night Prison Tour

Located in Fremantle and 17 minutes walk away from The University of Notre Dame Australia and only 15 minutes by car from Murdoch University, the Fremantle prison tour is an actual tour that you can purchase tickets and there will be a guide bringing you through the whole decommissioned prison at night with nothing but a torch-light. You’ll be able to hear the stories that you normally will not hear from the guides in the prison and find out many things such as how prisoners lived within their cells, how cells looked like. Although I did not find it scary, it might not be the same for the more faint-hearted so please do not join this tour if you are afraid of seeing something that shouldn’t be seen. In any case, this is an attraction that I will strongly recommend and you should not miss if you are there. It’s not every day you can visit a prison and walk around freely (almost) right.

Perth Australia Fremantle Prison Tour

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Rottness Island

Have you been to Rottness Island? If you have not, I suggest you add Rottness Island into your Itinerary when planning to come to Perth. Take a ferry from Elizabeth Quay that’s about 3 hours and you’ll reach Rottness Island. Home to the famous Quokkas, there are many things for you to do at Rottness Island. Being an island that prohibits motor vehicles, your only way around the island is either by foot or a bicycle; it’s a wonderful place for a retreat from city life with many activities on the island to keep you entertained. Do not even think of going there and going back within a day because not only will it be a major waste of time, you won’t be able to explore whatever Rottness Island has to offer as well. For more information, you can visit the website by clicking here.

Perth Australia Rottness Island

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With that, I end off this blog with my top three attractions in Perth. For students studying in Australia, have fun, study hard, stay safe and enjoy Australia while you are there.

For students are are keen to find out more about studying in Perth, why not find out more from the Universities themselves at the Study Perth Info and Application Week. Click on the link below to find out more!

Till next time.

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