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6 top reasons to apply for overseas education through IDP Singapore

Written by Kyler Chua, February 2017

Overseas education is a dream for many but can sometimes become a nightmare. Too often, students find their expectations of a yellow brick road to their institution of choice differing greatly from reality.

While we do not measure what proportion of students coming through our doors first attempted to apply on their own, in my two years here I have heard not a few horror stories.

Students have shared first-hand their frustration and desperation at the constant back-and-forth between institutions and the tediousness of procedures. Many frequently express their relief and partial regret at not discovering us earlier.

At IDP Singapore, here are the top six reasons to apply through us so you can click your heels and go more merrily away:

  1. We do not charge agent fees for applications. Applications sent through IDP do not incur any agent service fees so you get all the convenience with none of the cost.

  2. Through us, most application fees will be further waived. Direct student applications to institutions require a minimal fee of 100 dollars for admissions processing. Save on this cost by riding on our affiliations to select institutions.

  3. We are founded by and connected to Australian institutions. IDP is the only agency established under the 1969 Australian Asian Universities’ Cooperation Scheme and we have built our relationships with member institutions through successful student placements for over 45 years.

  4. Only we offer the full suite of services also covering IELTS, visas and pre-departure advice. We are one of two exclusive agencies providing IELTS testing and care enough to be the sole providers of pre-departure seminars for accepted students.

  5. We are your guides to navigate a complex foreign education system. With our years of experience, IDP knows the field and its players. We have expert knowledge in the processes and requirements of various institutions and matching students to them so you get the most informed guide to back up your case.

  6. We cut down your administrative burden to simply the necessary. Just like students, institutions in their respective countries come in all shapes and sizes, and all are weighed down in paperwork. But with us, you just bring your documents and we will take care of the rest.

For these benefits and more, do reach out to us without delay so we can help your overseas education dreams come true!

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