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Travelling within Brisbane City

Written by: Razali Norazmi, August 2018

Brisbane is the main city within the state of Queensland and is the 3rd most populated city in Australia. It is also home to a range of universities mainly the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University

Brisbane Festivals

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In this article, I am sharing on the public transport available in Brisbane City. During your studies in Brisbane, you are bound to travel outside of Brisbane City to visit the beautiful beaches of Gold Coast or Noosa Heads. Although it is possible to travel via public transport to those mentioned tourist spots, I would highly recommend just renting a car. A car is a more useful way of travelling within Brisbane City and the inner suburbs.

Brisbane has 3 modes of public transportation. There is the public buses, trains and ferries. To travel on the public transportation you will require a TransLink Go Card. You can get the GoCard at any railway stations or any convenience store. Students are entitled to cheaper fares so make sure you get a student card instead of an adult card!

Buses in Brisbane

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Brisbane have a comprehensive bus service that runs through the city and the inner and outer suburbs of Brisbane. It will be able to take you anywhere in Brisbane, although it might involve changing buses every now and then. Much like Singapore, Brisbane has a bus lane which saves a student’s a whole lot of time when they are on it. The Tranlink Planner website ( also helps students to plan their trips ahead. Ferry transportation

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Ferries are probably one of the most enjoyable ways to travel and explore Brisbane. The ferries are called, 'CityCats'. There are stops along the route to the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Southbank which houses a number of student residence. Not only it is enjoyable, it’s probably the quickest way to get to the city during peak hours when the roads are congested. For students just entering Brisbane, taking a ride on the CityCat is probably the best way to cover the sights of Brisbane. Similar to the buses, you can plan your journey ahead!

The last way to get around Brisbane would be, trains.

Valley of the Giants

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With trains, you will be able to cover greater distances and are especially useful when you want to travel out of the Brisbane City. There is also a handy Airtrain service that is completely integrated into the Queensland Rail suburban network, with regular trains running from Brisbane Airport directly to Brisbane City and the Gold Coast.

Travelling within Brisbane is made easy with all the public transportation. Honestly, it would not require a car to travel within Brisbane City. But of course, a car would make it more convenient but considering how hard it is to find a parking spot at schools, it can be quite a chore. Besides just studying, get a GoCard and start exploring Brisbane!

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