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Uni Survival tips 101

Written by Esther Low, May 2017

Daunted by the thought of studying in a foreign country and environment? Not sure of how well you will integrate into their new culture and lifestyle? Fret not as here are some tips on how to you can prep yourself for your overseas education in Australia.

  1. Research on the university and the state to find out more about their culture and environment

  2. Speak to some seniors or friends who’ve studied there to familiarise yourself and get an idea of what to expect

  3. IDP conducts pre-departure seminars twice a year for students. It is highly recommended to attend that as you will be thoroughly informed of what to bring, things to prepare, and things to expect.

  4. Attend both IDP and the university’s pre-departure seminar. This will allow you to know the people commencing at the same time as you.

  5. Create whatsapp or Facebook groups and attend meet-ups or catch-up sessions! This will allow you to make friends with one another perhaps even before the programme starts, so that you will already have friends upon starting your course in Australia.

  6. Learn some fun-facts of Australia in your free time, such as abbreviations that Australians or “Aussies” like to use, to better allow yourself to adapt and adjust into their environment.

  7. I would recommend arriving in Australia in time for, or earlier than your orientation date as that would be the best time for you to familiarise yourself with the faculty, its facilities and new faces.

  8. You wouldn’t want to miss out on orientation games and activities. Orientation week is a crucial week for freshmen, especially if they intend to integrate and make friends. Plus, this first week is usually the week where friendships are forged.

  9. You might want to show yourself often and be more vocal during the first week. Trust me, this will be helpful for you, especially when it’s time to form groups for project work!

  10. Finally, go on trips and excurisions, explore the city and the university with your new friends during your first few weeks!

What better way to understand a culture and its customs than to be a part of it? Better get on it while you can, and with your friends… before you are all horded with assignments after assignments!

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